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  1. Bandai is really making heat sensitive?!?!
  2. please, don't do one word responses just to get ur posts up!
  4. It takes you around the world like to egypt, paris, etc. i don't have one though...
  5. Girl name... there's a lot, but heres a few I recommend: Roxy Cocoa Mocha Missy Angel Starr Julie Rosy Rosie Hope Tammy xoxo dream Best wishes, *~>> The unofficial name generator ;]
  6. 1.Missy 2.Julz 3.Hotty <~ Yes kind of weird... 4.xeena <~ or xtina 5.meena 6.Angel <~ or devil! 7.Honey I'm sorry i can't think of n e think else.. enjoy! *~>> The unofficial name generator ;]
  7. Yes i pmed admin, AND wrote to bandai... none of them replied yet though...
  8. Herm... alert? Alertive? I need more description about "alert"
  9. tamaluva, maybe u would like to make a request! ^^
  10. Something pretty eh? Well these are some names I suggest: 1. Roxy <~ Or if you like, Roxie! 2. Mocha 3. Rosy <~ You can use another variation like Rose, Rosie, etc. 4. Honey <~Or Candy! 5. Rissy <~ Or Rissa 6. Angel 7. Giana 8. Joy 9. Hope 10. Cocoa Hope you like these results!! *~>> The unofficial Name Generator ;]<3
  11. If you need help to think of a name for your tamagotchi, or you don't feel like putting on your thinking hat ^^, then come here to have a personalized name for your tama! Please include this form: Gender: Description of name: Specifications: Description means how you want the name to be. Pretty, scary, tough, cute, etc. Specifications are Do you want the name to start with a certain letter? Have a certain amount of letter? Anything you want to add? I will include 10 names that fit best into your demands. Your name list will be available in about 1-2 days, however, I might be busy and it might take me more days. But please check back regularly. If you want me to PM you that it's ready, please do tell me! ENJOY! Any questions, just simply PM me!
  12. Those are just random special animations! They're real cute!!
  13. Some more names I like: ____Girl_____ Roxy Mocha Nina Angel Starr Missy Mina Ann Lila Tammy Kiki Mimi _____Boy_____ Miko Miky Joey Like 'em?
  14. Cool!! I wonder what i'll get... I think i mite get a maskotchi b/c i didn't treat it that good... i fergot to pause it and it got all sickish.. and by accident i let it sleep with poop! *blush*