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    I love drama Jojo siwa and tamagotchis

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    I have two tamagotchi on wonder gardens one lavender and one teal
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    wonder garden
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    At gen 4

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  1. OK how many tamagochi ON's or Meets or original dose everyone have ? JJthetamagirl
  2. Do you want 2000 gochi points when you go to your parents house? Well then change your date to 1/1 and then visit your parents and do that up to 1/7 and you can do that as many times as you want Your welcome tama family
  3. Happy Sunday tama fans!


    today is my tamagotchis half birthday it’s so exiting I threw it a party in my room and my Half birthday in 2 days


  4. My tamas birthday is March 12th what about you?
  5. It is 1 and im on my 4 gen and it looks the same as gen 2 and 3