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  1. omg, i still remember it like vividly. i was around 10-11 and my friend brought a gen 1 tama to school with her and i was ENTRANCED. partially bc she was doing that thing little kids do where they wont let you see something they have, but thats besides the point LOL. anyway, she didnt call it a tamagotchi, she called it a virtual pet. and with that knowledge i went with my grandma to the mall that weekend to find some. at one of the kiosks, there was a HUGE display of knock off vpets and i chose this guy: that exact shell design and everything. when i pointed it out, the guy working the counter said "this one? thats...a cat" and i LOVED CATS LMAO...we got it, brought it home, and holy s**t. what a miserable experience with this thing LOOOL. still tho, i love this thing, despite all the stress it caused. eventually, gen 2 was around the corner and my mom had saw that famous toys r us ad for the gold tamagotchi, and she got it for me after seeing one of her coworkers with one. she thought they were very cute! 🥰