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  1. The story continues... Thoughts walks out of the Supreme court, he goes to sleep and wakes up the next day. A news bulletin reports that the highly dangerous Admin has escaped from the 0 Security prison, all of a sudden Thoughts finds himself with the Admin face to face in a virtual website world....the website TamaTalk. The Admin, with the half a monkey's Head avatar, chases him through the text, Thoughts falls almost smashing his head on the number 2, luckily the Admin trips on an I. Thoughts quickly takes hold of a nearby mouse cursor. "Hi-Ho Silver, and awaaaay" says Thoughts as he races to the X at the top right corner of the screen. Admin comes from the side riding an Hourglass cursor, almost knocking thoughts off his cursor. Then out of nowhere everything dissapears and they are now in the screensaver named "Flying through Space" both of them jump and grab on to a moving pixel, the Admin and Thoughts surviving the growing speed of the white pixels. The screen saver dissapears and they appear back at the TamaTalk fromt page, thoughts runs for the small Google search bar at the bottom of the page, quickly he spells out HELP using letters nearby, as the Admin races towards thoughts using a parenthases and two O's as a skateboard, Thoughts jumps onto the search button and...... Sorry I couldn't help myself
  2. if it's on ur computer then upload it to a place like or if it's just not showing up then just type/paste the URL without putting the tags on, so people can click on it and see the picture at the site. Another way is to start a website (like a free one) and upload you pictures there, and....actually that's kinda the same thing.....
  3. Hey it isn't that gross.................................Now if you saw it happen...........................then that's.......................... .........................
  4. Sorry for the inconvenience.....THIS is the real topic.......stupid back button AGAIN!!!
  5. Yah look in The Admin's Profile He says he was born in 1905!!?? I rest my case your honor.....*judge says* Alright the Administrator of the Message Board TamaTalk is under arrest for age fraud and will be put in prison for 0 Years, 0 Months, and 0 Days, he will then pay a fine of $0.00 or be put to execution of: 1. The chair at 0 Volts 2. 0 Doses of fatal poison, or 3. Will be Forced to jump off a building 0 stories tall Congradulations Thoughts, you have won and get a payment of Absolutely Nothing, I am sorry Admin had to torture you with these lies.
  6. OMG!!! Where is that little check that lets you delete your POST!!!! Arrrrrrg!!!!!
  7. Do you think you could copy them using a paint program? It's easy, if you do then make the Height of the picture 31 and the Width 32 (32 by 31 Pixels in a tamagotchi, interesting). Oh and by the way Admin....or Moderator or TamaGuide or whoever, I tried posting my TamaClock.gif on my post instead of it being a link, but when I previewed my post it just had the URL with the tags around it......can't you post animations or what?
  8. NOOOOOO, DELETE THIS POST! It double posted, stupid back button! Curse you!
  9. Alrighty here, I guess I should start LOGGING. ......Connecting to "TamaTalk"...... Refreshing Text... Loading Forums... Loading Topics...... Loading Posts......... Starting Tamagotchi Log............... ...............Ready ------------------------------------------------------ - Generation ONE - Chapter 1: Birth, Boy, and Blob It was Saturday, at about 7:21PM and I pull the tab from my new Tamagotchi, and an egg appears. For 5 minutes I watch it bouncing, and read the instructions realizing I needed to set the time and wait 1 minute. All of a sudden it hatches...IT'S A GIRL!!! And you know what I did? I reset it......I really wanted a boy......and another girl appears the second time, but the third time it's finally a boy, so I guess now that I've retraced my memory, it was actually probably born at around 7:25 to 7:30. After It hatches I give it the first name that pops into my mind, David. Then after everything is set, I check it's Hunger and Happy meters, they seemed full, but after looking at the instructions I realize that they were completely empty, so I fill them up with milk and juice, and then I play the Jumping game, amazingly I got to the 26th hurdle on my second try. Afterwards I play the Dancing game, realizing it's Simon. After that I left him alone, and he beeped at 8:20PM. He was asleep so I turned his light off. When I went in my room I heard him beep again, this time I saw him awake with the light on, trying to stay off the screen from the small black steaming pile sitting at the right of the screen, it started crawling toward my tama, slowly, inch by inch, pixel by pixel, as it opened it's tiny empty mouth it chased my tama around the screen and out of the tamagotchi egg, It was just me, a little baby tama, and a small black steamy pile...LOL! from "it started crawling" to "...LOL" is where it's made up........why I told you that I do not know....You aren't stupid! Anyways, I cleaned the pile and he fell back asleep, after that I turned his light off and there were no problems. All there was was me sitting there...Bored...wanting to change the time but too lazy, so I lied there, and stayed, not moving, so boring, and I went to sleep. Also, there was this part where I got up to get a drink, didn't wanna forget that. Chapter 2: Smiling Child I wake up around 6:00AM, and it was still sleeping of course, after getting myself ready a bit, I actually set the time 2 hours ahead, and as I see the screen slide to the right, I see my new, bigger, Tamagotchi. After the very small excitement the rest of the day goes normal, and I also connected with my two friends, who had Ichigotchis, we went back and forth to eachother houses and to a park across the street, since we only lived about 5 houses away it was easy. Connecting was good, I always managed to be the only one to win any game, and I always got them to come to me and give me presents. And after a while of recieving Jack-in-the-Box's, flowers, and poo, I finally got a ball when it was time for my friends to leave. From then on it was still pretty boring, it had 3 training bars, I took a shower leaving my Tama hanging on the keychain from the light switch. After that it went to bed, and I did other things...this time not "as" bored, but still bored. Chapter 3: The Upsidedown Strawberry This was better, my tama was finally getting more detailed! My tama was an Ichigotchi what do ya know, same as my friends. But the bad thing was that it was, but I couldn't bring it with me, so I left it alone on pause, frozen in time. Once I got back my two friends came over and we jumped on both of my trampolines(Spell Check?), and we connected alot, and then we also let our tama's have fun while we were, so we each lef
  10. Dude I don't know how, but when I was reading that story I was IN that was cool. So many thoughts..........hey my name is Thoughts!!!
  11. What is it? The stickers? I have like ALL the stickers on mine and I spelled TAMA GOTCHI using the letter stickers,they're cool! I wonder what it would be like without probably the same, I didn't remember I had stickers on them since I saw the title on the walmart page. Oh yah and my tamagotchi egg is transparent orange with sparkly things inside the I luckier than most or is it just me?
  12. Mine is a cool/cute tama! It's a Mametchi! The thing that makes it so em i mean cool, is when he sticks his head up to the screen so you can see him in full detail! Ahh, thats the closest I'll ever get to a tama. I love my tama more and more, I think I'll start talking to it LOL! Although he's sleeping now, awww. Anyways, I wonder if I should breed him, or should I let him get old and turn into an ojitchi, that's what it's called right? But I'd rather him become an oyajitchi. When David has a kid (wich I'll make sure he does, I don't really want him to get old!) I should be ready for a name, If it's a boy I'm naming him Randy, if it's a girl...then I don't know, hmm. I hope my smart little tama lives a long time, just between you and me...and the rest of TamaTalk i guess... I LOVE MY TAMAGOTCHI!!! But don't tell anyone man...I'm 13.........I wonder how old most of the people on this board are?
  13. Yah I knew it, I need help, maybe by someone who can copy the tamagotchi and/or it's animations, also another important thing is a digital camera, since you'll need it, unless you can remember everything pixel by pixel. I'm also gonna put up a website (free one of course) to put my pictures up, I'll edit this post telling the website(s) and the people who would like to help. And if you wanna help in any way then post it here, I never check my Email! Thanks! (Reserved for Website) People Helping (None)
  14. <<<Post Reserved(In case 1st one gets too big on the editing)>>>
  15. I have this GREAT plan, in fact I've already started it. Anyways, I've figured out how many pixels there are on a tamagotchi, so I thought... why don't I make the clock? So I did it and it came out exactly like the tamagotchi's(duh) . I used a calculator, my tamagotchi connection, and the old-fashioned paint program on windows (since Paint Shop Pro is messed up kinda on my computer), and I blah blah blah blah blah, you know what I did, so anyways I made this: (Will be bigger, and better quality[in case it looked messy or with leftover pixels, blame it on imageshack!]) OK, I made it do every number on each one so It could be made into a real clock by a programmer... LIKE ME! Since I make Music, Animated 3D Movies, AND Games, I can not only make it a clock, but one day...Just you wait... I can make an "almost" exact duplicate of a Tamagotchi Connection for the computer!!! So go ahead and post your comments/questions, I'll be working on it now... and THE ANIMATING IS SIMPLE, it's THE PROGRAMMING and FINDING THE ANIMATIONS that's hard, not really hard actually, Intermediate