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  1. That may be it for her unless you set her up with someone's tamagotchi. There should be instructions available online.
  2. It's been a while since I've been able to play with my tamagotchis. I recently bought a 4.5, and I was wondering if there was a way to switch the time from the 24:00 to AM/PM? I recall it being on that setting when I first started up, and the instruction sheet shows a picture of it being like that, but I can't seem to find a way to get it there.
  3. I'll join. I just found a battery that will work. It's been so long since I've been able to play with my tamagotchi.
  4. I'd love to see them back, too. I've still got my two old ones, need to find batteries for them, though.
  5. The SummerNight Stars one is gorgeous! http://www.cmdstore.com/tamagotchi-connect...ight-stars.html
  6. Around 7 tonight, Fable was visited by the matchmaker. Mrs. Busybody introduced her to a handsome memetchi, and the immediately fell in love. So she is now a mother of a beautiful baby girl, which I'm not sure, but I might name Maya...
  7. I haven't been on for a few days... I've been going to job interviews every day. Keep your fingers crossed! Fable evolved into a Gozarutchi! I was quite happy, although it doesn't say much for my mothering skills. I'm not as nurturing and focused as I was when I was 10... Anyway, she's a beautiful girl of 8 now. Her cousin, Carlz, died yesterday..I teased my sister for a while, and then she started a new egg. So I guess I'll have to depend on the matchmaker for Fable's love life. I turned all the matches down yesterday, I'm hoping she'll show up with a mametchi..
  8. Fable's mother was a Gen2, and her father was a Gen1..I didn't even think that there would be any problems. It wouldn't make sense if there were.
  9. I woke up around 10:15 today, and Fable was already up. About an hour later, she was hungry and needed to be played with, so I did that while I was checking my email and chatting with mimitchigirl. Then Fable and I went and picked my grandmother up and took her to her doctor's appointment. I played with her to keep from dying of boredom, and I must say, my girl did a great job. She beeped once for no reason, so I punished her, and then again a little while later, this time with her back turned to me. I gave her some praise and checked her training bar. Now she's fully trained! My sister's tama, Carlz, turned into a Masktchi today. I was a little disappointed, since he is Fable's betrothed, and I wanted to get slightly better parents than Fable had. But I guess as long as they really love each other, what does it matter? I got home and had some chicken noodle soup and hot tea, since I'm trying hard to get better. I tried to share it with Fable, but all she seems to be interested in is bread. Once she's out of the tub I'll check on her again, and get her ready for bed. 2 more days until she's an adult! I'm excited, and I suspect that she'll become a tarakotchi just like her mother. I'm hoping for something besides a tarakotchi or a masktchi. *gives Fable a meaningful glance*
  10. I never got pass that darned jellyfish either! Although I think I lost mine pretty early on... I want to buy another Ocean and another P1 though..
  11. The Tamaguides are all friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to help people when they have questions. If you strive to be like that, too, people will definitely notice.
  12. I've been sick for the past several days. One of which, Fable was paused. I had to run the power point at church today, so I drugged myself up and carefully placed her and her cousin, Carlz, in my purse. I was getting ready to go when I heard the transformation sound. I jumped up and opened my bag. Fable had turned into an oniontchi! I was quite happy, but then she immediately went back to sleep. That lazy little...Anyway! She beeped at me right in the middle of church for no reason, so I of course reprimanded her. Kids always get punished for making a fuss in church, my little girl is no exception. Carlz beeped soon after, though by now he was on silent. He was sulking, so I promptly praised him. After church I called my main squeeze, and told him what Fable had turned into. He likes to threaten her with timeouts for no reason. (Although I think it's Is that how a father is supposed to act? I don't think so. He'll have to be supervised whenever he's playing with the kids. Right now she's up to 5 bars of training. Not too bad for a little girl less than 2 years old, I think. I do intend to have her fully trained by the time she comes of age, though.
  13. If it's so stupid, why are you on a forum for people who love them?