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  1. hm..i thought even WHEN its in love the matchmaker will still come sometimes for my tamas it comes between 4-7 or something the average is usaully 5 though bad luck
  2. wow cool i wanna watch it but some ppl in my scholl said it was boring.. but i still want to it seems really cool
  3. ill just say that it does work but it doesnt skip 2 stages, just mate to oldies and wait for the baby to become a oldie itself
  4. if the time was wrong, say a few hours back, the matchmaker might of came and accidently got pressed twice somehow
  5. i cant either i thought i was the only one, after i type in my pass and username it says it isnt my acount >_> tried making other accounts to go in but doesnt work either.
  6. yea good idea. sure is anoying when ur trying to send someone things but the inbox is full and even worse if u dont know there email or dont know how to tell them to empty it.
  7. thanks admin for all the hard work. its a lot faster now
  8. just to let u know that u can keep going over and over again in a day to keep getting pressies. its what i did and then she couldnt give me anymore
  9. i dont think so..mines got it too and its a connexion (australia)
  10. if u cant get into it means u dont have any parents/grandparents or on its first gen. you'll just have to wait for ur tama to have a baby
  11. yea it doesnt have a halo on the V2's either
  12. is a bad care character...not the worst (but it is for V1.) while the other 2 u wanted are like almost perfect care meaning not letting the hearts go down to 2
  13. even if i did have some it wouldnt work..its diferent passwords for every username
  14. 1. i dunno i gave 5000 to the king and he didnt give me the code eiter but it did for my sis. 2. to do better in the bump game it has to be overweight. if its very fit then itll hardly ever win. 3. yes u should. if u leave him all day long theres a possiblity that it could die because ur not taking care of it, feeding it ect. but pausing it will take longer to evolve.
  15. sant comes at 10:30pm on V2. 12:00pm on V1. but im not sure about V3. havent tried it out yet and a great topic by the way