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  1. just so you know, the matchmaker did come the next day and i have a new baby now!! tama princess, i'm afraid you were wrong!
  2. my tam is 6 and the maychmaker came today. i didn't like any of the husbands so kept resetting the clock to 14.59, so at 15.00 the matchmaker would come with a different husband. on the 4th try, the matchmaker froze as she came on to my screen. i couldn't do anything then, my tam was totally frozen. i had to reset it and dowload and then the matchmaker didn't come at all.... will the matchmaker come tomorrow do you think? just a glitch i suppose!
  3. yes yes translucent with tama characters on it! mametchi would be awsome! or glow in the dark with characters! super!
  4. I think its cute. Tam's are aimed at kids so it has to be child friendly. its not amazing, but i think its pretty cool. it'll be better when its properly finished. What other toy interacts with the internet and a DS game thats coming out? i mean, what exactly were you expecting? Cx
  5. We all know you get the souvenirs on the V3 from tama town right? So....what do you do with tam wont play with them or anything? can anyone shed some light on this?? Cx
  6. I've ordered the yellow one, so i voted yellow, but i like the silver one now..... no doubt i'll get it anyway eventually!
  7. I am sadly, well over 19, but i till play tama's......i pretend i'm looking after them for a couisn, sister, neice etc when i'm asked! I collect them...its a hobbie but yes, i still play with them! lol
  8. Mine has been to the eiffel tower, the pyramids and an island, but the statue of liberty....not sure i've been there unless that was when i thought it had gone to the nevada desert and (city in the back ground and what looked like a cactus in front next to it) it was actually the staue of liberty and was looking at the "cactus" wrong..! if that makes sense. but then i kept thinking the coveted UFO was an expensive hat, not a UFO and ignored it...! havent been to easter island yet either!
  9. i couldn't vote, i love all the ideas!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i debugged my V2! i have the pink clear european one and i debugged it the same way you would a V1 and it worked. i did suspect it might work as it beeps quietly when you put it up to ears like a V1 US version would and you could debug the US V1. so now i've seen all the dont unlock more points or food/items but you can see and play with all the characters and go into hyper time! its really cool i'll just say dont debug a tama you really like incase you break it, its not easy to un-debug it again, but its worth trying it as long as you know what your doing! Cx
  11. i love the trumpet tune! i've never seen the UFO i want one, what do they do?
  12. yes i have got it before...weird looking....i mated two old timers and the babies turned into him. regardless of gen, if u mate two old timers you can get one. i dont think mine drank coffee, i think it was sake.
  13. i drop my tamagotchis alot, annoyingly....but not in water...yet...give me time! *rolls eyes*
  14. SXC?? you sexy? is that what you mean? this isn't really the right forum/place hun if thats what you mean.....*confused*
  15. if it just has jump and dance it sounds like she has a tamagotchi V1, the first connec/connex. These games are perfectly normal for a V1. Its the V2 that have four games, you start with jump (different game to the Jump on the V1) then for each stage it grows, you get a new game Bump, Heading and finally, Slot. hope this helped