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    I like biking, singing, dancing, and breeding pure-bred pochitchis with my friends' tamas.

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  1. I've been hearing a lot of good things about tamagotchi minis, but I have also been hearing a lot of bad things. Should I get one???
  2. Oh, and please tell me your username!
  3. I will make you a userlookup if you ask nicely! However, they will not be very fancy. Mine isn't! But mine is only one example of what I can do.
  4. Look at my userlookup, then vote!
  5. Never mind, I found out how to make one!
  6. Yeah I already saw it on cloudneo.com a few months ago, but it's very helpful to people who didn't.
  7. I personally think you should paint it mutant. Mutant kougras look really cool. And it costs less because all you have to do is look up mutant kougra transmogrification potion.
  8. Mine are _rupert_radcliffe_ and pochitchi_is_love. I need a pochitchi userlookup for pochitchi_is_love, if you want to make one for me. If you do, I'll send you a rare item!
  9. I tried resetting it, I changed the batteries, I kept it dry at all times. Oh, wait. I just took it off pause and the batteries went dead again. I think I'm just going to never replace the batteries and let it rest.
  10. I have a Harry Potter guild on my first account (_rupert_radcliffe_), and I am going to make a tamagotchi guild on my newest account, pochitchi_is_love. But my account has to be, like, 24 hourse old to create a guild, so I have to wait.
  11. PLEASE make me a pochitchi userlookup! If you do, I'll send you a rare item or buy something from your shop! Note: I only have 3124 NP!
  12. It was probably her first time getting reported so she only got a warning.