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  1. thank you every1! im vry sorry CS but i cant give proof.ooops... did i say it was my friends mum who told me?and the lady in argos told me too, when i asked her. i cant give proof...if you desperatly want to know ill try and video it...
  2. sorry, ill try to explain more. the names look really strange, like big black squares insted of letters and lines and stuff. my friend says its like that becoz when my v3 tried to connect with the v1, it took a while to actually connect, it just failed. Why has this happened? ( i hope that was a better explanation)
  3. My friend was on my pc the day b4 and hadnt logged off.I came on, not realising that it was still my friends account.I posted LOADS of stuff on my roleplay, until someone said"you dont own this roleplay, tamaholic does".It was sooooo embarassing! I have allways checked since
  4. Look here:V4 Tama:Infa-Red! I dont think its a real tama.... no im sure it isnt!
  5. is EBO(big black square)Y,or E(strange thing like top of an f but with a line coming down from top)O(big black square)(then a top line thin,the a bottem thick line) what has happened ? it is in my friends. the charater is a old lady, it was a v1
  6. is it true that Bandai is going to stop making tamagotchi's? coz a lady in Argos told my friend to buy them quickly as theyre going out of stock soon because Bandai is bankrupt. is it true?
  7. mebbe little children tama's on it-orrrr i had an idea! you could have a paint your own tama set! they would be coool!
  8. im trying to get batteries for my 2 oldies(v1&v2) im looking after a v3 for the whole summer-i guess that counts oh- and my v3