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    heavymetal music!!!! ^_^ My favorite bands are Korn, Rise Against, Papa Roach,Blink 182,Simple PLan,Green Day,MountainSong...... and alot more bands! I am 11 years old and 4'9'' tall. My friends think that Las Vegas is hot but I think it's okay. But I hate it here when it's winter!hahaha

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  1. wassup! In V.2,in the game slot i was just wonderiing wat the highest points you could get. so far my highest is 270 points.
  2. weird.once wen i wanted to buy a treat for my tama v.2 in shop,there was no more treatsinstead there wer these wierd glasses just curious ,do the items in shop change by the amount of points you have?
  3. Go Sonic it's your birthday we gonna party like it's your birthday!uh huh uh huh YA!