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  1. ok me and my freind both have v2 tamas and we kept of giving presys to each other and then i thought ''hey why dont we do v1 connect with our v2'' so we did and guess what i got a free pair of wings from my freind and he didnt lose anything how cool is that? p.s u should all try it
  2. u dont need a password and the guy he got is the whale dude
  3. does anyone have a tama ver 2 growth chart?
  4. well i honeslty dont know how i got it i took really good care of it and played bump alot and forgot the teen i had
  5. yeah i know i cant believe it frozen solid i was gona put it next to the heater but the other guy said his tama melted so i dont think i wana do it lol and anyway my mums buying me a new one
  6. oh my gosh it is winter now and i was having a snowball fight wth my freinds and i got hit in the face and my tama fell out of my pocket and then i relised i couldent find it so i asked my freinds to help find it with me and i finally found it but is was frozen solid! the buttons didnt work and the screen froze!!! (i had the sheep tama)
  7. yo if u lost ur tama wouldent if be dead or drowned by poo? lol
  8. omg the beeping noise its its heart beat jeez if u feed it too much it goes faster
  9. ok my guy has 2 antenners,3 or more legs or tentaclues,a long snout or nose and it hovers does anyone know what it is?
  10. does anyone know what its called b/c i never seen it in a growth chart or tama dex
  11. ok my tama evolved from a young mimitchi and it became a random guy it has 2 antenners,3 or more legs or tentacules, long beek or snout and it hovers