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  1. oh i know what to do you have to stay in the movie room until the password comes up
  2. a key,medal a computer!!!!! AND A GOLD TAMA TOY!!!! i understand the key but a medal a computer and a gold tama toy wheres that in the places!! where do you click on!!!
  3. i did't click close when i try to it pops up agian and follows me everywhere!!! and i have no time to type it in my tama it just goes back to the pictur with thousands of new codes!!!!!
  4. you forgot the plat with the happy face.
  5. when you get the movie poster you don't have enough time to type it in your tama
  6. is it my computer or is the movie theater codes go fast and reaturn to the item do you guys have that problem??
  7. the food court,thetre,school and the new game is open!
  8. i got a nerkmind,negg and a petpet