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  1. I have 1 pink w/flowers, and 1 white w/ hoops
  2. lol kk next time be more spacific pleez lillystuff05!! lol kk I agree tamagotchi then!!!
  3. n/m I got it! So how do i sign up? i clicked on sign up...
  4. ya'll are nutz!! NANO ROCK!!! Tamagotchis suck compared to any type of iPod!!!!!!!! well...in my opinion....lol ^.^
  5. We don't care if you join or not. We're just saying you don't have to bash everything we post. You can ask Kelly: She was hacked!
  6. Kelly was hacked. U knew that! We told you! It was FRONT PAGE NEWS for 2 WEEKS!! She's the root admin -- Whatever happened to anyone on the site was the hackers fault!
  7. we told u that! like 50 times! U quit once we told u!!!!! U didn't check ur PM's before u left!!!!!! omg.
  8. We call it a mistake. >( I mean HELLO there was a HACKER!!!
  9. Sure! I'll join! Can u join mine? look in my sig.
  10. well can you delete that post because just cuase u didn't like the site doesn't mean that others won't. it's not our fault that Ryta.k2 and I didn't get a message that u were now on Admin.