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  1. hi there Zebra_Striped_Tamagotchi!! im chloe-j. im M-A-D on tamas. hope you dont mind me writing. i need some friends. ive got a called leo. he has just had a baby girl. im planning to called her either Grace, Tammy, Sacha or Lilly. which one do you think?? cool striped tama! i got a yellow & orange one. i wanted a pink one. PLEASE reply!!! we can be buddys! chloe-j xxxx
  2. hiya! its me again, the mad one who wrote about her darling leo. how is he you ask? as cute as ever! wanna hear his items? sunglasses, cap, action figure, and a bowtie. not bad... who else has a ?? reply if so. i had to rescue leo from certain death, cos my lil sis got hold of him. she all most hooverd him up yestaday!!! im all ready thinking of names for his future lil ones: grace, cassie, tessie, lilly and tilly 4 girls tommy, jack, harvey, rocky 4 boys. please pick 1 of each gender. other suggestions welcome!! or if you want 2, just reply 2 chat about stuff! bye!!! chloe-j xxxxx
  3. Tamagotchi's Name: cassie Tamagotchi's Age: 3 Date of Birth: 23.5.05 Date of Passing: 27.5.05 What Generation? g1 Your Comments: i will always miss you, even though i didnt know you very long. how you died, i will never properly know. you were fine 1 minute, dead the next. she was full happy, full hunger, but still, cassie deid. it was way before your time had come. you were soo cute, so understanding, so trustworthy. she never took the mickey for having a tama as a best friend. ill miss you cassie. where ever you have gone, be happy.
  4. Oh my GOD!!! My tama Leo turned into an adorable little doggy!!!! (----- isnt he cute?!?! he changed as soon as he woke up!! his fave thing to do is to eat, sleep, and poop. let me tell you a bit about him... name: leo age: 4 points:1200p(spent most of it!!) generation:1 best game: slot worst game: bump (can anyone PLEASE help me on bump!!) he almost died, because the batterey ran out!! but i pressed the button at the back and pressed "download" Leo is my fave tama ever!!! Who else has a doggy!?! please say if you have. (maybe they can be friends!!!) got to go TTYL!!! P.S:please reply if you have anything to say. chloe-j XXXX
  5. Thats the same one as mine!!!!! weird, though, isnt it? if you ask me, its kinda cute!
  6. Tamagotchi's Name: Ciara Tamagotchi's Age: Only 2... Date of Birth: April 23 Date of Passing: April 25 What Generation? G1 Your Comments: my 1st tama... my best friend... ciara was a a good girl, barely complained. my best school friend had been begging me to play on ciara. so while i went to the tiolet, i lent her to her. when i came back, my "friend" was giggling away to my 2nd best school friend, i heard her mutter something about pretending to lose it, but then she saw me. she then told me that ciara had "mysteriously" died. she was fine one minute, and dead the next! she said. i know that was not true, as she was fine before i had left her. now i know not to trust her again with my tama. Goodbye, ciara...
  7. I bought leo a new action figure... he LOVES it!! but the funny thing is, when he went 2 bed last night, it was sat next 2 his bed! funny eh? <---- Leo. He has been in lots of tempers lately. He is only 5, but i cant wait 4 the matchmaker. as a mattaof fact, hes in a mood right now!! we just cant even get 2 round 6 of bump. , but do well in slot. his training bar is now on 7. i now hav all 5 code items. im unsure about the costume, though, cos i have heard that it dont come off. got to go, leo needs the loo! C ya, chloe-j xx
  8. My tama is called Leo. he is sooooo cute i wish he was real. he was singing 2day! how cute is that?!?!