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  1. p.s. don't pay attention to my signature- it's from years ago
  2. i thought my tama was paused one day but it wasn't.. so anyways, now my tama is an adult and i only got to go away once as a teen.. now when my tama plays with its band and i get all the notes right, they never get any awards or star rankings what's wrong?
  3. i recently got a tamagotchi v4 that is now a teen androtchi i think it's called this is not my first tamagotchi just my first v4 i really want more intelligence & fashion points because i have lots of social which i don't want whenver i play games i seem to get the most social points. does anyone know which games give more fashion or intelligence points ? p.s. ik about which foods raise points already. thanks!
  4. i am normally very good with my tamas!!
  5. Are onionotchi's good even on version 2?
  6. well i used to have 9999 but i like to buy i lot of stuff so now i have 3144
  7. My tama Andy slept with his action figure the night when he was still a child. But last night he was a teen and he didn't sleep with the action figure any more! It is not an adult yet! Is it because he didn't play with it yesterday?