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  1. th sword is really a tie and u find it round the teachers neck in the school the necklace is in the mall in the shop on the left hand side on 1 of the hangers but i can't find the hat
  2. You have an old timer, so to make it have babies you have to breed them. Probebly because you paused it the times the matchmaker comes. The times are 7:00 pm, 10:00am or 3:00pm Hope this helps!
  3. I arn't exacly sure but I think it's true.
  4. They can have children, but you have to breed them, the matchmacker dosn't come.
  5. Dose anyone know what time the snowman comes?
  6. Unfortunatly you can't fix it. This has happend to other people before and no-one realy know what it is.