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  1. fluffums

    Tamago Simulator?

    Closed by request of topic starter
  2. fluffums


    Have fun!! At sleepovers my friends and I liked to watch movies, do some sort of craft or baking, or play board/video games. Or if there were a lot of us we'd do stuff like hide and seek or flashlight tag outside.
  3. I love swimming, my family, my pets, and my friends.
  4. fluffums

    How do you make money?

    I coached swimming and gave swim lessons for five years and then this summer I worked at a farm animal sanctuary too. I just got hired for a new coaching job but I'm hoping to get a vet assistant one sometime soon but they all require hours I can't work because I'm in class
  5. I'm from North America (the United States) and lived in California until a year ago when I came to the other side of the United States to Virginia for college. At home in California is really nice since there's lots of farms and the weather is usually pretty cool but never super hot or cold. I don't like Virginia as much but in the summer and fall it's pretty. I'm hoping to live in Africa in Kenya or Tanzania for a year next year to study.
  6. *Topic moved to '(Non)TamaTalk'*
  7. fluffums

    What Are You Playing Now?

    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  8. I'm so excited for New Leaf! It's the main reason I bought my 3ds (which I just got Monday!) All the new stuff to do sounds so exciting and I was never a big decorator in WW but now I'm so excited to decorate my town and put all the public works projects in and make the outside of my house look nice.
  9. I'm in California right now since I'm from here and I'm home for spring break and it's around 58 degrees but I go to school in Virginia and when I left it was like 90 out!
  10. fluffums

    iDL Happy Stamps?

    *closed by request of topic starter*
  11. *closed by topic starter's request*
  12. fluffums

    Tamagotchi IDL and Version Help

    Topics asking people to come for you to help aren't allowed. Tamagotchi logs are for keeping track of your tama and sharing things you observe, but others aren't allowed to comment in the topic. If you want to make a log for your tamas feel free to make another topic; if that was the intention of this topic I'll just close it so it'll be cleaner without all these posts and you can make another one.
  13. fluffums

    Pet photos...post them!

    I put them in a spoiler because they're pretty big. That one of my bunny is the only one I had on my computer haha. I got a sticker app and went crazy one day.
  14. fluffums

    Halloween costumes

    I'm not sure if I'm going to go out yet but if I do I'll be a dog like almost every year haha. Just since it's easy to make.
  15. fluffums

    What are you reading now?

    Right now I'm reading Into Thin Air by John Krakauer and for my writing class I'm reading The Race Beat.