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  1. It keeps telling me that my item list is full, but i only have 14 items... however i have a whole lot of treats do they make ur list full as well?
  2. My Tamagotchi Connection V2 won't let me punch in the prize codes! I go to my shop and press the A button multiple times but instead of the shopkeeper putting his arms up, the error beep sounds.
  3. Yeah!!!!!! This is my 300th post!!!!!! I am now officialy a Tama Max!!!!!!
  4. what kind of tama do u have (connection, connexion, plus)? P.S. Cool! There r new emoticons in the smilies pop up window!
  5. No i have a tamagotchi connection. it turns into an angel when it dies.
  6. Well... I purposfully killed my tama on gen3, then, when it turned into an angel I brought it back to life by pressing the a & c buttons together...well...there you go...It went back to gen 1 and turned into a Kinakomotchi!
  7. My gen 1 tama turned into a Kinakomotchi!
  8. how cool! i want 1 sooooooooo bad.
  9. I realy realy realy want a tamagotchi plus (from Japan), they r sooooooo cool!
  10. u have to press the middle button TWICE.