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  1. gymnastelmo

    Code Problem

    thanks u guys!!! it worked!!!
  2. gymnastelmo

    Code Problem

    It keeps telling me that my item list is full, but i only have 14 items... however i have a whole lot of treats do they make ur list full as well?
  3. gymnastelmo

    Code Problem

    My Tamagotchi Connection V2 won't let me punch in the prize codes! I go to my shop and press the A button multiple times but instead of the shopkeeper putting his arms up, the error beep sounds.
  4. gymnastelmo

    Is it true?

  5. gymnastelmo

    Tama Max!!!!

    Yeah!!!!!! This is my 300th post!!!!!! I am now officialy a Tama Max!!!!!!
  6. gymnastelmo

    What the?

    u guys r funny
  7. gymnastelmo

    Santa Claus!!!!

    what kind of tama do u have (connection, connexion, plus)? P.S. Cool! There r new emoticons in the smilies pop up window!
  8. gymnastelmo


    No i have a tamagotchi connection. it turns into an angel when it dies.
  9. gymnastelmo


    Well... I purposfully killed my tama on gen3, then, when it turned into an angel I brought it back to life by pressing the a & c buttons together...well...there you go...It went back to gen 1 and turned into a Kinakomotchi!
  10. gymnastelmo


  11. gymnastelmo


    My gen 1 tama turned into a Kinakomotchi!
  12. gymnastelmo

    Tamagotchi Keitai

    how cool! i want 1 sooooooooo bad.
  13. gymnastelmo

    There are 19 secret characters!!!

    I realy realy realy want a tamagotchi plus (from Japan), they r sooooooo cool!
  14. gymnastelmo

    2 tama sites!

    u have to press the middle button TWICE.