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    My intrests are tamagotchis(of course) and school.I have many more intrests but they are toooooo long to type so I decided to tell you about my main intrests.Oh yeah I do have another intrest I want to talk about it is;HTML.<br>Ok bye for now!!!

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  1. I don't recall having posted over 100 posts.....
  2. well that old topic someone bumped might take the place of newer topic.
  3. unfortunaly the ring fell in wrong hands.In the hands of someone more eviler
  4. =dc :mimichi:=sg = tc =cr = sellr =teletubby = passr1 =passr2 dc: me wanna teletubby. sg:dc, eye don't know where 2 get a teletubby! tc and cr: kissy kissy *kiss* sg: chris, you get you lips of tiara right now! cr: eye on't care tc: nethier do eye. sg: fine, B rebbelious. dc: eye wanna teletubby, sara. waaaawaaawaa! *creis* sg: darrick! don't be rebllious. sellr: teletubbis! dc: teletubby sellr: 5 buks pleaz! sg:5 buks! sellr: herez uh teletubby! teletubby: eh oh! uwwwwwh! dc: yay! sg: yay. passr1: man, the guys 13 and he has a teletubby1 their for babitchis! passr2: eye gott uh gude wun. hey bozo, get back 2 thuh circuss with ur elefent!
  5. If you need any help then you came to the right place. I will help you if I can(I am very imformational on tamagotchs). please post reasonble questions.
  6. ..become a furry little mouse with a tail that have a bail and reached into peaches
  7. when they reached to Mcburgers ordered a happy meal,he took a plastic cheeseburger out of it and bit it. "taste like plastic..." he said. the sighed the cheese burger ate was the toy!!!! Then came another test and then another test and then another test.the flunked all of them!!!! OH NO! the brought the back to his planet and they saw a beautiful .She was standing on a stage with a beside her.On the shirt it said "Gaverment"(it's suppose to be government).the government annouced in a big dumb voice "our friend has found out that a tamagotchi such as a have 2 feet!" Everyone cheered and aplauded except for
  8. ...but she was also the most unpopalarest girl in the class
  9. she soon found out her baby was the new specias kindergartchi!!!!