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  1. Im happy and a bit tired *Yawn*
  2. Hello! I was wondering, do you have any Nintendo Ds cheats for: New super mario bros Nintendogs (Labradors) Tamagotchi corner shop 1&2 Tetris Narnia. Thankyou!
  3. Lol, 8/10! Rey Mysterio is my best buddy on Tamatalk! The only reason it's not 10 is because I've never seen her or met her!
  4. Yes, Im finding the V4 Games much more intresting and addicting to the V3, V2, or V1 Games. V4 Has many more games (up to 20 in fact!) whereas the other versions only had 2-6 (I think!)
  5. Wow! 3 years already! Congrats everyone, especially Admin!
  6. You are very unlucky! I've had minor injurys, and I've strained a muscle.. But nothing serious
  7. Of course boys can have tamagotchis! Roughly half of everyone at my school who has a tamagotchi, are boys. I do recommend, however not getting a pink one if your a boy!
  8. Congragulations guys! You both deserve it!
  9. Well it was a bit mad of her, my Mum thinks she's trying to grab attention. Plus she did look better with hair, like obviously lol. Oh well, celebrities do go a bit tipsy at times lol!
  10. Huff I didn't. Nerves took over. I was fine, then it just slipped away... Oh well. I'll try again after half term.
  11. They're ok, But I wouldn't say they're hem * removed * But they're not amazing. Bu the way, please don't use the word * removed * on tamatalk. It can be a lil rude.