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  1. ok smarty no every thing about tamagotchi what is its fave and least fave food?
  2. the whale is called Hatenatchi that is true i got it of tama school
  3. it isnt really rare every 1 i know has gotten it it is easy 2 get
  4. thank u so much i was wondering what type my tamagotchi was its a nikatchi its so cute its a teen is it healthy type?
  5. that is so not it thats a ugly human type its lke a duck thing not a tulip
  6. any 1 would know tyhat if u use the love potion it works if it didnt no 1 would get it
  7. y u little i tried that code didnt work how could u do dat u cant tell i lie 2 all these tamagotchi fans u r totaly not funny or a tamagotchie fan u just u just lie 2 tamagotchi lovers ur mean u cant lie 2 us
  8. its cute my tamagotchi its a child i love it sooooooooooooooo cccuuuttteee