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  1. Hope this is in the right place to post? Anyway, I'm in the market of buying a new flat iron, and I saw these flat irons on sale. I noticed the price of the BioSilk was cheaper than the CHI, but it looks the same and by the same company. So what's the difference? So, if you have had these irons before, maybe you could tell me the difference between the 2 and which one would be better, like a mini review. By better I mean... 1. Does it take multiple ( 3+) times over the lock of hair to fully straighten it? 2. Does it make hair frizzy? (I have fine-ish hair, med. length, so i don't want anything that fries hair :[ ) 3. Does it last long or does it break easily? 4. Is the heat adjustable? 5. Does it snag hair? Sorry, I just was looking around Amazon, Froogle, etc. and I couldn't find a good review to be able to compare the two irons. Oh, and just a little off topic, If anyone knows what the difference between a CHI and an iChi is please post! That will be helpful too! Thanks!
  2. I see that there is a new Tamagotchi coming out in late june. Can someone go into detail about the V4.5? Is it better than the V4? <33
  3. i really enjoy playing the Sims, but I have just a few quick questions about gameplay... for sims 2 pets on ps2 1. I've read that you can make other towns besides Whiskerton. How do you make other towns? 2. Ok, this may seem realllly simple but it is confusing to me. WHEN do you type in the cheat gnome (sometimes called the Master code)? Also what is the correct code for the cheat gnome Try to be as accurate as you can on reponses. Please and Thank you! <33
  4. Heyy i was just going to start a sims 2 (pets)- related topic! hah! well anyway, I absolutely love the Sims! I personally don't have it but my cousin does (on ps2,though) and i'm always playing it!
  5. No, I understand what you're saying, I just started this to see what can be improved on, so that Bandai can make an even better Tamagotchi.
  6. Same here. If I absolutely had to choose one, it would be V3. Idk about V4, because i dont have one yet, but that might be my next favorite.
  7. Actually, it's a fact that kids are more active on dreary days, when adults are down and slow, but on sunny days kids are more willing to be inside, while adults are up and ready to fight. Hah, idk where i heard this from but, it just stuck with me. <33
  8. Here's a link for 5 or less lettered names... http://www.yeahbaby.com/search-results.php hope that was a help <33
  9. Colored Pixels Interchangeable shells etc. Check out the link at the very bottom of my siggy, and if you could post on about what you would want to change on your tamas that you already own, (it kinda coincides with this)
  10. Yeah, I think that would be nice to have the beads. My change would be this... Tamagotchi Version 3 Different types of games Colored screen/pixels etc. as for V4, I dont have one yet, but maybe by next week i will. <33
  11. The title says it all. Here is the question... What is one thing that you would change on your Tamagotchi? How would you want it changed? When filling out a post, please specify exactly what Tamagotchi version you would change and what you would change. Thnx! <33