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  1. poorcookie

    theres nothing in my mind

    Go play with your tamagotchi! Or you could post in other posts.
  2. poorcookie

    Does your tama cause problems between you and

    Nah, I think I'm the only one with a Tamagotchi, lol. But it's not like anyone tells me I'm a big baby or anything. It's just my favorite childhood toy (and still is) PS I think you created another post like this one
  3. poorcookie

    How much every one loves InuYasha

    Yeah...I thought he was a girl myself when I first saw Inuyasha (It was basically the first anime I watched and I wasn't used to guys with long purdy hair). Then I realized his voice was kind of deep. Then I was confused. But after watching it I realized he was a guy. Big whoop. Nothing to get upset about.
  4. poorcookie

    Tamagotchi Simulator?

    Cool. I got mine off of Ebay, lol. I think it was 9 dollars plus like three dollar shipping. (My brother actually bought it for me)
  5. poorcookie

    black mimichi-very,very rare

    Everybody...why don't you just check Rivven's site? lol. Makes it a lot easier. http://ca.geocities.com/theonlytorn@rogers...ex/alltams.html
  6. poorcookie

    Playing with items?

    http://hypershrink.com/tama/selectitems.htm My site ^
  7. poorcookie

    Sleep Question..please help.

    You can check out my site and look at the care guide I have there. It has all of the waking up and sleeping times for every tama character. It's for version 2 connection by the way.
  8. poorcookie

    Quick question

    I love anime. It sure beats cartoons and soap operas. Well, just in my opinion anyway.
  9. poorcookie

    Mametchi and Mimitchi

    By the way, you're right...you just made me realize the mimitchis kind of have weird legs. One is okay, but the other looks like a peg leg. LOL!
  10. poorcookie

    Mametchi and Mimitchi

    I wish the teens could do more animations! That'd be cool. I've only seen them take baths and run+fall lol.
  11. poorcookie

    Mametchi and Mimitchi

    Aww I think mimitchi is very cute. It's chubby and it has big ears. I don't think mametchi looks that cute in pixels, but the drawings of mametchis are very cute.
  12. poorcookie

    Tamagotchi Simulator?

    Sowwie! I don't have the plugin either. I doubt anyone will know where to get it )=
  13. poorcookie

    Tamagotchi Simulator?

    Hello! I see you're new...this is your first post. Don't you wanna post an introduction in the Introductions forum? Anyway, I don't know what happened to the site and I don't know if it will ever be back, so I made the simulator available on my tama website If you would like to download it click on the link in my signature below (Tama Obession)
  14. poorcookie

    what do u think?

    Why are they funky? Those are just the eyelashes
  15. poorcookie

    Did you like the first day back at school?

    How crazy! What grade are you in? I would only have to run in the morning if I had PE first period lol.