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  1. both of these images are from my facebook group, first image belonging to Destiny Ocean Carroll and the second belonging to me
  2. nope nothing gets erased. Mine took just under an hour to complete
  3. The seller is from my city. I'm going to toys r us in about an hour to go pick one up. Called ahead and the store said they had some in stock. So this isn't an april fools prank.
  4. as everyone above mentioned, displex. here's is the cheapest one on ebay.
  5. Please be aware that it is also the holiday season, packages will take a lot longer.
  6. I heard they wont work after termination. they're just failing all over the place. when will they take the hint from japan and bring the fans what they ACTUALLY want.
  7. I no longer come to tamatalk. I come once and a while to check messages, I can assure you I am not dead. I only frequent the facebook groups now. contact me there.

  8. yes, the screens are new and improved. the one on the left is an original one the one on the right is they new one.
  9. you can't just use every day houshold paint. you need plastic specific paint which you can only usually get in a spray can.
  10. it's real. they changed the logo during the second round. I had this one and 3 other's that just said "tamagotchi" And yes it was legit as I got it from toys r us when they first released.
  11. Il live in a very asian dominated city, we get japanese consoles on our craigslist all the time. if I come across a jap 3ds i can let you know.
  12. they actually did re-boot it. theres a whole new anime (sailor moon crystal) not to mention viz media had taken over and is re-subbing and eventually re-dubbing the original 200 episodes. so it's true to the original and properly translated.
  13. take it to a jewlery store or a watch store, they can remove the stripped screw for you
  14. thats a picture of 2 children holding a present