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    Hello! My name is Cheesegab! I really like cheese, I really enjoy TamaTalking and telling stories. Especially bizzarre interesting stories ;)<br>I really like foreheads, yes foreheads. I dont know why, but it's just a thing i do. I love making stories with my friend Jimmy, hes the best forehead ever! <br>I also like drawing pictures, comics etc.<br>I like comedy and sandwiches filled with banana sauce and cream cheese.<br>I also enjoy long walks on the beach :P

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  1. Well, the chart isnt accurate, it is just ttaking reports from other tama owners, i know its possible to get different combination that arent on the site.
  2. Urmm.. since july i think.. But hey, whos counting?
  3. It needs to have hearts But, its v2 right? If so, dont pause it, the babys usually go to bed the same time as you. Only if you sleep in the morning, you should pause it. V2 was made not to wake you up and night, so it respects your beddy bye time :angry:
  4. Yeah, i pause my tama a little bit too much and he ends up taking a lot of time XD maybe i should stop pausing?
  5. Did you try replacing the batteries? Maybe it might do it some good.
  6. Nope, never had a glitch, altough my tama did stop when he was eating a cookie once, but that was because his batteries where dying.
  7. Tamagotchi's Name: Coco Tamagotchi's Age: 6 years Date of Birth: October 7th Date of Passing: November 20th (i paused it alot) What Generation? 7th Your Comments: I had taken good care of the little fellow, but sadly, it got unpaused and died while i was away, i really liked it tough and i will try to get my generations up again.
  8. UFO never runs out. Unless you give it away or get rid of it. You also keep your stuff the next generation
  9. your brother probably took your sister seriously, he could be gullable after all. You know what, this is kind of posetive. One day when you are older, you are going to look back and this and laugh. Youve created a memory with him its true!
  10. cheesegab


    and then he dropped the egg and a large tama ate it. "I HAVE TO SAVE IT" chip cried. And he ran to the large tama...
  11. What she said is what you write, she can say anything at all Cookies are yum!
  12. it turns into a teen on its own, when its around 2-3. Just be a ltitle bit patient
  13. as soon as the matchmaker comes, a or b to accept, there will be a little music, and then voila! your baby should be born!
  14. lol. I just looked at it now for the first time! lol people will catch you doing what you are doing altough, sometimes i just leave tama talk on so it will look like im staring at board list for hours!
  15. One day, Wacko the Robotchi was eating a cookie. He was doing a cookie commercial. Then he said: "The hardest part about waking up is foldgers in your cup!" Everyone looked at him as if he was insane. And then Polka the furawatchi said:...