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  1. hil_luvver

    neo vs tama

    Good points, FireCracker. I pick both.
  2. hil_luvver

    sob.. I miss my dad!

    Oh, I'm sorry. I hope he's all right.
  3. hil_luvver

    Family Trees

    Wow, nice job. A red X! The image won't work, sorry.
  4. hil_luvver

    Don't make your avvie a picture of you!

    You never know, there are some really strange people out there.
  5. hil_luvver

    Should I buy a Mini?

    10 hours? I am so jealous, lol. My mum uses the computer a lot, so I can only be on for half that time.
  6. hil_luvver

    Should I buy a Mini?

    Lol! Nope, just a month. I have a lot of free time, so I'm on a lot.
  7. hil_luvver

    Should I buy a Mini?

    Oh, thanks, lol. Been here a month and still confuzzled. Thanks for clearing that up.
  8. hil_luvver


    Aww, poor thing. Did you take bad care of it? Or was it just old?
  9. hil_luvver

    Should I buy a Mini?

    Hm, ok. Thanks.
  10. hil_luvver

    ummmmmmmmmmm let me think

    Yes. My username is anaillig. Neomail me sometime. DarkCore - I know how you feel I've been banned unjustly from many sites. It was soo not funny. The worst part is I didn't do anything!!!! Gr.
  11. hil_luvver


    You... Press the B button... Ok, select Jump from the game menu. Then when the light on the screen flashes, press the button below it in 0.5 seconds. It's pretty easy.
  12. hil_luvver

    All the best *Karina*

    Oh... Oh, my gosh. I'm so sorry.
  13. hil_luvver

    Should I buy a Mini?

    Should I buy a Tama Mini? Is it worth it? If this is in the wrong place, please move it.
  14. hil_luvver

    JC's topic closed

    Umz, I think she meant JC's topic closed with him saying that. Not trying to be rude.
  15. hil_luvver

    Where did the User Ranks go?

    Didn't I post in this all ready?... Oh well... I'm sort of in between with the userrank thing. It might stop a little bit of the spamming, but I did like feeling that I've accomplished something without cheating (spamming). So I don't know I'll just wait for the 3 weeks to be up and say what I want.