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  1. Most disliked would be the Tamagotchi Friends, Tamago, the v5, and the music star. The TF and Tamago: I have no problem with greyscale tamagotchi. Some of my favorites are just that. It didn't work well with these two Tamagotchi though. The rooms were just to busy and blended the tama on screen into it. Game play was 't really all that fun on them either. The TamaFriends is most hated for me, mine came with horrible buttons. I also hated that they didn't even bother to program a reset or download feature. (a must for a tamagotchi now) V5 and Music star: Just didn't care about raising these. I did however find some of the animations cute on the music star when your tama had a baby with it.
  2. It can happen. I have had my best luck at one thrift store I go to. It used to be easier there when they used to have rack for keychains. Now they put them in bags of mixed toys. They are usually connection era tamas but I have found originals. My best find was a sealed V3. A few weeks ago I got a bag for $1.99 that contained two v3, a tama lanyard, and a v4. Flea markets are another great place to look.
  3. Not much to update on other than on my 20th anniversary m!x I have a Mametchi. Sadly my friends cat has end stage cancer. Moki was one of the most unique kitties ever. If she was bored she would bring you her toy and plop it at your feet. All the while looking up expectantly at you. She also would beg for all kinds of food. You could be eating broccoli, it didn't matter. Her best friend was a dog, who she would try to steal food from. Her life started out a little rough but she lived eight years of her life with one of the kindest humans I know.
  4. Debirudori left me tonight. I had my Devilgotchi muted at my friends request. I neglected most of my Tamagotchi tonight. My friends kitty is very sick and it isn't looking good Wanted to support her through this rough time.
  5. I was waiting on the white 20th anniversary M!x in the mail. Yesterday they finally came. It's so pretty. I decided to start it up. I currently have my blue melody M!x running though not sure for how long. Four Tamagotchi at once may be to much for me. I don't want my fire to fizzle out before I even get my Tamagotchi On. I preordered the Magic Green one. I've also started collecting connection Era Tamagotchi. So many different and unique shell designs. Bakedebirutchi evolved into Debirudori a few days ago. Not the character I was going for but still pretty cute. Devilgotchi Debirudori Age:11 Hungry: Full Stars: Full Devil Points: 45 Clear green with glitter 20th p2: Mimitchi Age: 10 Weight: 30 lbs Hungry: Full Happy: Full Blue Melody M!x Age: 2? Hungry: Full Happy: Low (so hard to fill) White 20th Anniversary M!x Age: 1? Hungry: Full Happy: mid range
  6. I preordered the magical green Tamagotchi On. Hoping to pick up another Tamagotchi On in stores.
  7. When I first learned about tamagotchi as a child I thought it was a toy that actually hatched from an egg. I was very intrested and wanted one and thus my love for Tamagotchi began.
  8. ⁸Today Mimitchi and Bakedebirutchi came to work with me. While Mimitchi behaved her self Bakedebirutchi threw food and slacked off in the middle of a game. After work we ran to get some groceries. Mimitchi pointed out some redused Bella Mushrooms which seemed good for dinner. Ended up with creamy mushroom sauce from leftover ingredients. (possibly breakfast I feel like having a roasted veggie omelet now for breakfast) Clear green glitter 20th P2: Mimitchi Age: 7 Hungry: Full Happy:Full Devilgotchi Bakedebirutchi Age: 8 Hungry: One empty pie Star: One empty star Devilpoints: 70
  9. It's been awhile again. So after not sleeping well for five days I bought something, at three in the morning... Note to self: Not the best time to make expensive purchases while being sleep deprived. So now I own a purple and white Devilgotchi. He has been with me seven days so far. Possibly the loudest Tamagotchi I have ever owned. I've wanted a Devilgotchi for a long time. I always made excuses why I shouldn't get one. Out of all the 97 tamagotchi (excluding p1/p2/angelgotchi) I really don't have an interest in owning the others. I want to own the black shell design someday but right now my credit card is still crying. Thrusday May Twenty third: My package arrived with me rushing to the mailbox to ask if I had a package. Once inside I opened the package and put in some batteries. The little bat turned into Devlitchi. We went to the supermarket together to pick up some things for the holiday. I checked his time to find it off. I fixed the time and went on with my day. A few hours later I had the same problem. I was horrified at the thought if something being wrong with him. Luckily it hasn't happened since. Right now he is a misbehaved little Bakedebirutchi who keeps trying to wake me up at night.
  10. Well this didn't turn out the way I planned. I've been keeping his weight down, giving time outs, and filling his hearts as soon as one is empty. Tongaritchi evolved today... into Zuccitchi. I really wasn't trying for this guy. (Little guy is cute enough though) Marutchi turned into Tamatchi a few days ago. Tonight they evolved Masktchi. This was not a surprise as I wanted a different care character this time. Might try for the secret characters with these two. Must have missed a time out at some point with Tongaritchi. mermaid p1 Masktchi Age:6 Hungry:Full Happy:Full Clear glitter green p2 Zuccitchi Age:8 ? Hungry:Full Happy:full
  11. Yesterday the Tamagotchi and I went to Fright fest. It was crowded and just got worse as the night went on. The tamas got to ride Houdini's Great Escape. Lines were just to long for more. Marutchi and Tonmarutchi didn't want to go to sleep and miss out on the fun. I was finally able to get them settled down for the night. Mametchi and I spent the rest of the time enjoying the creepy scenery. Today I just watched poor Mametchi pass away a few minutes ago. He was 15. He was really out of shape. I really hate the game on the p1 and prefer the p2 game. RIP Mametchi. In happier news Tonmarutchi grew legs and became Tongaritchi. Clear glitter green P2: Tongaritchi Age:4 Hunger:Full Happy:One missing heart Mermaid P2: Marutchi Age:3 Hunger:Full Happy:Two missing happy hearts
  12. I'd love to post pictures but right now but my laptop's charge cord is broken. I learned the hard way that you can't overfeed the new tamagotchi. Poor Tonmarutchi beeped to death for no reason I could think of other then being overweight. It happened while stuck in a car with a flat waiting on triple AAA. Today stopped by Gamestop to pick up another Tamagotchi. I think I'm starting to get known as the Tamagotchi lady at this point. Dakota my crazy ferret was with me. He decided my bag was the prefect place to hang out while I tried to get my wallet out to pay. Needless to say there was a lot of "Aws!!!" and "So cute" Got the Mermaid p1 shell. Rainbow P1 Mametchi Hunger:Full Happy:Full Age:13 Clear glitter green p2 Tonmarutchi Hunger:Full Happy:Full Age:2 Mermaid p1 Marutchi Hunger:Full Happy:Full Age:1
  13. I decided to pick up a few replica tamagotchi. The first was a p1 with the rainbow shell design. My second was a p2 that had the purple galaxy. When I started it up though something was off about the sound. It would be overly loud during the opening of the game. Returned it for a glitter green p2 instead. Hoping it was just a fluke as I still have shell designs I want to get. I started the p2 up late last night then shoved the poor baby in my bag. (I was out walking with a friend and didn't want to be rude) Shortly after getting home from our walk they turned into Tonmarutchi. P1 Rainbows: Mametchi Age:11 Full hearts P2 clear sparkle green Tonmarutchi Age:2 Full hearts Disciplined once so far V2 connection yellow with butterflies Kabutchi Age:4 Missing 1 heart for happy and healthy
  14. Haven't posted in a long time on this log. Depression, scary thoughts, and anxiety got in the way of basic living. Still not doing great but have gotten a little better. I have a more positive outlook on my body thanks to body positivity. Also disowning a narcissist father helped. I want to get back into things that made me happy. Hope to be posting in this log again.
  15. Have a Happy Birthday PockyGirl - hope you're doing well :)