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    in front of the computer screen in Aussie
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    I LUV Aussie. my home country and the best place around. Japan is majorly awesome though. I take Japanese classes and LUV it so much.<br>I also LUV the sims!<br>The sims1, livin large, house party, hot date, vacation, unleashed, superstar, makin magic, sims city4, sims golf, the sims2 the sims2 university, the sims2 nightlife. i have or are getting 4 my birthday.<br>I also LUV runescape and Tamagotchi's. my favorite bands are U2 and coldplay

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  1. I think its a pretty good thing, but in weeekends it still wont wipe out the abuse of others or threating people. They just need to bee ingored.
  2. Hi, I like the chat room but it is only opened in the weekends. It is holidays over where I live and sometimes you have nothin to do, so I think it should be opened in the holidays as well as weekends.
  3. There are no match maker codes! you are crazy to think there is! LOL!
  4. My Tamagotchi is red with white and gray spots. Its really cool. I brought a tamagotchi version 1, but then tamagotchi version 2 came out so I brought that one as well. Is there going to be tamagotchi version3 because there is no point buying a tsmsgotchi version 2 if tamagotchi version 3 will come out is there. My Tamagotchiu died and I just left it for 4 hours! i was in school and couldnt feed in school, this is really unfair and I was 6th generation! :