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  1. i Wish that we would have to buy food with points that makes it more chalinging and a house yes defenitly a house
  2. Once my camp went on a trip now the younger kids get to go first then the older kids first the little kids went then it was our turn my friende rielly wanted to takecare of my tama while i was gone so i let i tought evry thing about how 2 takecare of a tama and while i was @ bowlarama she got paint on then when she was doing arts and crafts and she was only 7 and a half so so she put them under a sink with runnung water then they broke. i wasent there @ the tamas broke she told me what happended then i cried for hours non stop. i had 2 tamas 1 1v and 1 2v my 1v broke but my 2v suvied my mom felt so bad for me she bought me another one!! she is reelly nice!!