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  1. The Hitodetchis are the best toddlers, you get them if you take perfect care, mine turnrd into a ufotchi.
  2. actually, it's the mimitchi costume that can only be used once. BTW: Once i got 100gp from a potplant.
  3. And australian kiddies! Man, i cant wait tilll my connexion grows up! (Connexions also grow uop at 4)
  4. I though the love potion did sometthing else?
  5. No, it doesn't go to sleep bacause it only takes 1 hour to evolve into a child.
  6. If it has legs, then it's probably a teen.
  7. Awww, he fell down ad reset himself AND lost the download! How i have to start over again.
  8. My tama just turned into an adult. He turned into the tama in my avatar. Who is he?
  9. No it does'nt, it just fills up a hunger or happy heart.
  10. Bang it hard? I dont wanna do that.