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  1. Flame_rus

    who is this charicter?

    The Hitodetchis are the best toddlers, you get them if you take perfect care, mine turnrd into a ufotchi.
  2. Flame_rus

    Ufotchi, good or bad?

    That's what i did! I love Ufotchi!
  3. Flame_rus

    Ufotchi, good or bad?

    That's what i did! I love Ufotchi!
  4. Flame_rus


    actually, it's the mimitchi costume that can only be used once. BTW: Once i got 100gp from a potplant.
  5. Flame_rus

    my tama died , like instantly

    Thats... Scary....
  6. Flame_rus


    And australian kiddies! Man, i cant wait tilll my connexion grows up! (Connexions also grow uop at 4)
  7. Flame_rus

    V2 and Debug

    And Nazerotchi!
  8. Flame_rus

    Love Potion?

    I though the love potion did sometthing else?
  9. Flame_rus

    The mother came back!

    No, it doesn't go to sleep bacause it only takes 1 hour to evolve into a child.
  10. Flame_rus

    Why tama changed!

    If it has legs, then it's probably a teen.
  11. Flame_rus

    Who is this tama?

    Awww, he fell down ad reset himself AND lost the download! How i have to start over again.
  12. My tama just turned into an adult. He turned into the tama in my avatar. Who is he?
  13. Flame_rus

    Weird heart

    No it does'nt, it just fills up a hunger or happy heart.
  14. Flame_rus

    Egg character?

    Bang it hard? I dont wanna do that.