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    next to you !
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    game cube,ps2,of course tamagotchis,reading edge chronicles,football,tennis,cricket and loads of other sports (i am very sporty)and of course of all courses tamatalk

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  1. tamagothcilegend

    What time?

    Haze you there? Sorry for spamming Admin.
  2. tamagothcilegend

    la la la la la la :wacko:

    It is a teen.
  3. tamagothcilegend

    What time?

    No. pro.Did you get my om?
  4. tamagothcilegend

    What time?

    It comes at 12:00 am on boxing day. Warning:Only to adults.
  5. tamagothcilegend

    how long til it evolves?

    Yeah. It evolves froma baby into a child in 1 hour. It evolves into a teen in 1 day. Which evolves into a adult in 3 days. Then finally evolves into a grandma/grandad at 7 days. Warning:If you let you tama evolve into grandma/grandad it can't breed with a matchmaker tama.
  6. tamagothcilegend

    MY tamagotchis AT THE BEACH!!!!!!!!

    It happens on a random day in the summer.
  7. tamagothcilegend

    When the matchmaker comes do you say yes or no?

    Yes sometimes no sometimes
  8. tamagothcilegend

    Star day?

    Yer man!
  9. tamagothcilegend

    Tama~Log Of Pink and Green

    Well get on with it!
  10. tamagothcilegend

    Wat is it?

    Yes it is not on sale anymore.
  11. tamagothcilegend

    where do YOU get.....

    I win mine!
  12. tamagothcilegend


    Is this moved?
  13. tamagothcilegend

    AusGal is in Hospital!

    Oh no *SING CARD*Is this AUSGALfrom tamatalk?