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  1. the only way to get training points other than praising and giving a time out. Is to connect them with another tama, having the one you want to obtain more training points in. To give a present to the other tama and if the tama gives something other than the wrapped present itll come back looking like it got away with something naughty...just go to time out and give it one and you will recieve a training point. Thats the only other way I know of.
  2. Well last Patapatatchi I had turned into Kutchipatchi.... Maybe itll turn into it again....but I have had Patapatatchi turn into other ones besides Kutchipatchi...like Hashizoutchi....and Hanatchi. I just hope I get a character I havent gotten yet.
  3. Wooltchi can actually be either male or female... Ive had it before as a female......just like Ive had Gaijintchi...(Bill) as a girl..... they most likly made a typo when they put in its gender!
  4. You gave ther right answer but can you please turn your caps off in the future? People may think you are yelling at them, and make them feel dumb. I would also like to add...all you will need to do is press the reset button and download your current tama info that will fix it. My first V2 did that to me when i first got it.
  5. In my personal experience, since the 1997 P1 and P2 the rarest ones are the ones right bellow the best character you can get. In the newer connections, I have noticed that the rarest ones are the ones right in the middle.....Hanatchi, Androtchi...etc. Thats my opinion!
  6. Well that match maker can come at any age.....its all determined on how much its been paused! But it normall comes 72 hours after it turned into a adult...so 3 days after it went to an adult....if it grew into one at age 3 at age 6 it would get the match maker.... if at age 4 age 7 it would get the match maker.....plus some hours if it has been paused at all.
  7. I currently have a Patapatatchi too, I know what you are talking about! The happy hearts drop faster than the hunger hearts do. Which actually is nice. Cause that means you get to play more games more often to get more points.
  8. I cant vote, because I like different ones in each stages. ShiroBabytchi is nice, and I love Hitodetchi and Kutchitamatchi....and Young Mametchi is great...and so is Ringotchi....Myorotchi, Dorotchi, Kutchipatchi are nice....they are all so great I cant vote.
  9. I figured id be nice and add a direct link to the page you vote at so its quicker. Vote for new designs here! Happy voting.
  10. Well Andromon, Angemon and Tentomon (v6) are doing well, I had activated v6 up on the way down there on my trip after it evolved to an In-Training form....Motimon.... I paused it. To my suprise when I unpaused in tonight! It had evolved to its Rookie form! Tentomon. There really isnt any specific character I am aiming for on it, so I think any one of them would be nice to have. I guess while its paused its life still goes on! no hearts went down....its age was 3 even though it should have been 0. I wonder if they are all this way maybe? Interesting indeed! To pause a Digimon is well a little wierd....if you go to the clock mode during the hours its awake and act like your going to set the time but just leave it on set mode its hearts will drop and as soon as the last one drops, it sets itself to whatever time you have onit and beeps. You have to program its time for it to go to sleep then set the time...but dont set it. Where its asleep its hearts arent going down for it to beep for anything! I wonder it it would have grew up if I woulda just left it on pause *remembers to test this theory out sometime*. Andromon aged while it was paused its 17 years old. Angemon is now age 10, I dont think its going to evolve to SkullGreymon, if it were going to it would have done it before 10 years old....then again it was on pause too! Tentomon is 3 like mentioned before. Now to talk about the 2 my roomie is playing with! V4 is still Leomon, when asked how his Digimon were today he replyed. "ok" Big answer huh? But his V5 since he started it up..well I started it up for him, in the car on the way to his families place. Did the same thing Tentomon did. So I guess it really will grow while its paused. V5 is a beige with white buttons and trim shell. That glows in the dark!.. Oh and my V6 is an Icy Electric Purple, with Icy white buttons and trim! VERY nice if i say so myself. Well I guess thats all for now....
  11. Well my version 6 arrived, it actually came that day I has to leave to go with roomie to the funeral. I was playing around with it in the car. On the way down there. I was a little disappointed with it. It came with a growth chart poster, and as soon as I seen Kabuterimon, Monochromon, and Kawagamon on it...I felt very let down. These are on the version 4 except for Kabuterimon its on V2. But the Rookies are Tentomon, and Otamamon. Some Champions include. ShellNumemon, Gekomon, Starmon, Tortomon. The 3 secret characters are, Tekkamon, ShogunGekomon and MegaKabuterimon. I think those are nice. There are so many different Champions they could have put on there instead of repeats from past versions, like Dolphmon, Saberdramon, Veedramon, Gaurdramon, Soulmon....plus theres more. It was just a let down...the game is the same as the v1 Shadow Sparing game...no different....(I abhor that game)!!! But I otherwise like it. I really didnt get to play with my Digimon while I was there, I stuck them on pause on the way in the car, and left them there, which they are still on pause right now, I figured I would take them off it tonight at work. Well thats pretty much all I can say! I hope I have something more interesting to say tonight when I unpause them, which by the way roomie took over V4 he wants to see if he can get Leomon to go to Megadramon, and if not see if he can get something besides Leomon and Nanimon. He also activated up my V5 which I will start posting info on both of them even tho I wont be playing with them. Hee-hee, so there is now going to be 5 digimon being logged on here. I hope you enjoy reading about them!
  12. Well Gabumon finally Digi-volved... it went into Angemon the Gaurdian Angel. Its so nice I love it. Oh I was wrong about the game!!! It goes Super dooper fast now.... I am failing miserable..its going faster than that power meter on the Bump game for the V2 and V3.... Its going to get some time to get used to that. But thought I would let you know I got Angemon.... I can get the secret character Skullgreymon from it....which is kinda morbid.
  13. Well my Biyomon had done digi-volved while it was asleep...it woke up as.....*taps fingers on desk*....Leomon!! I am beyond mad, I took crappy care of the thing and still got the best character. Its a conspiracy. I guess I will keep it around a couple days and see if it turns into Megadramon. Since Ive always reset it after the first time I obtained Leomon and still got him. Here is a page for all the version except Version 6! Youll see there are more than just Nanimon and Leomon. I think mine was made to annoy me, personally. on that page the one on the V4 chart thats called Seelamon, is actually Coelamon. ALOT of people get that ones name wrong....its kinda irritating. But anyway.... Andromon is still doing well...he turned 11 today... Gabumon is still Gabumon.....hasnt evolved...yet. If Leomon does not turn into Megadramon before my V6 comes in...It is getting the tab stuck back up its rear end and put back away. My roomie however did talk about playing with.....so I may just hand it over to him. Let him try to get something different.....and watch him succeed!!! *gives evil gaze*. Well Ill be back to update on Gabumons evolution...whenever that occures..........
  14. Well my digis have been doing well today. Im taking absolute perfect care of Gabumon, and kinda slacking on Biyomon but to much to get Nanimon again. Andromon is still doing well. He is 10 yrs old. Oldest digimon Ive ever had was a Metalgreymon on the Version 1 it lived to 34...It would have lived longer, IF I wouldnt have forgot it and left it at home on day I woke up to go to school! I was running late and in a hurry and in my rush i left him on my nightstand. The game on the Version 2 is not going any faster...I take it that its not going to.... I thought the speed that it was while it was a baby was kinda odd...that should have been the speed for the adult. But it im taking it, will be that speed for every evolution. Which is okay to me. I hoping Gabumon turns into either Garurumon or Angemon. I dont really care what Biyomon turns into.. as long as its not Leomon or Nanimon...*gives evil gaze* I clinch at the thought of getting either one of those AGAIN!!!! But all in all they are doing well I excpect Biyomon and Gabumon to evolve either before they go to bed..while they are asleep or when they wake up. So I will have something exciting to post about on the V2 tomorrow. Maybe not the V4.....*gives another evil gaze* Well untill then peace!
  15. Well I woke up today to find that Ogremon was awake, but not quite Ogremon! He had Digi-volved into Andromon....It looks like a caveman or something. SO I got a secret Character......Goooooooo me! Biyomon and Gabumon are still doing well. Maybe ill get a secret character from them too, hopefully! Theyve not really done much of anything today cause theyve just been up for maybe an hour. I just got excited and wanted to to post about Ogremon Digi-volving to Andromon.....Sooooooo great!!!