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  1. seso


    and he got his head stuck in it and they had to get thim out with...
  2. they became teens!!!! ava (v2) became shark dude and so did starr (v3)
  3. ava and starr grew to children ava (v2)was a star and i don't know what starr(v3) was but she looked some what like this-[]- and with eyes and legs
  4. age like 28 years old
  5. im gonna see how old they can get
  6. ok im star tin my 2 tama lifes and iim gonna se just how long a tamagotchi can live my v2s name is ava my v3s name is starr both girls will update when theres more seso over and out
  7. i used to think that new furbys were dum but now that i got one THERE COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL !!!!!
  8. even though im the owner of one old and new i think the new is better because you can turn it off.another thing, theres a rumer that a girl had a furby that swered in its sleep
  9. seso


    yup red light green light is the only one
  10. since she was sooo greedy and so careles that she sold the baby and somehow dora got it and she was so furius that she...
  11. because everyone thougt he was weird because...
  12. seso

    The new girl

    out came a and he said"what year is it?" i remember wher i first got in here the year was 1022.cuco cuco said ode
  13. so when he exploded they had another baby and named it george3!!
  14. she grew up where everyone thought she was stupid but secretly she read all the non-fiction books in the library ...