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    i love tamagotchi but i wish i had a collection :(<br>i really want and tamagotchi angel!<br>i hate tamagotchi minis, to me its a waist of cash!!!<br>i have a neopets account, a little addicted to it but not as much, go search for me and be my friend but send me neomail first!!!! my neopets sn is stewie_2k10883<br>more info there!!!

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  1. i do i get it soo much its irritating
  2. they should bring back the angels! they need more solid and transluent colors. and tama characters like on the japanese tamas. oh last they should make a pouch
  3. if ur someone from hawaii give me a shout! but it bet there isnt any??
  4. today my little baby cousin wanted to play with my entama having nooo idea what to do!. so he was playing with it for a while when i noticed the pixels where lighter??i started to freak i thought he got it dirty of something went in it like water or sand..(we where at the beach) and i thougt it was broken forever.....but then he wanted to play with it somemore but this time i was watching him!!! and then he went to the time screen pressed C and B at the same time and a bar showed up.... like the training bars showed up! so then i took it away from him and started to play with it...when u press A on that screen the pixels go lighter and when u press B they go darker!! COOLIE!!! i discovered something new and cool about the entama!!!! -tama_tu
  5. all thw ideas are great!!! expecially the last!!! and if the teachers pet tells on u jus kick his @$$!!!! -tama_u
  6. the heat sensative sounds awsome!! also they should have protective skind and belt clips!!
  7. OK this is the deal im already at Gen 3 and i keep trying to get the code and it not there where do i get it!!
  8. you could do thw V2 shapes and stripes, V3 zebra, V3 ocean waves, and more!!
  9. i love the zebra stripes!!!zebra!!!
  10. i got my angel for 10p and it was in good condition!!
  11. i want items im stewie_2k10883!!!
  12. i think its better than v2 but i diddnt say it was good
  13. i dont have a sellers account but maybe ill ask my friends mom shes done it for me before!!