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  1. parkingviolation

    Does anyone over the age of 16 still play with tamagotchis?

    I'm 29 and still have my Tamagotchis... and I'm sure if I didn't have two small children, I would still be playing with the Tamagotchis. Maybe when my kids are old enough I will let them play with the tamas!
  2. parkingviolation

    Fave anime?

    i'm kinda new to anime. but i just started watching Bleach a few weeks ago and i <3 it!!!!! i'm only up to episode 65 right now though... and right now i'm watching a series on DVD called Last Exile. it pretty much rules.
  3. parkingviolation

    Mein neu Tamagotchi

    So here's the rundown: Eddy had a visit from Mrs. Busybody two days ago, and she brought a Kuchipatchi. Eddy had a little baby girl, and he left last night. Here are the stats for the new baby: Name: Lia Gender: Girl Gen: 2 Age: 0 yr Weight: 16 lb Training: 1/9 Growth: Hitodetchi
  4. parkingviolation

    Mein neu Tamagotchi

    Aaaaaaaaaaaand.... Eddy evolved into a Kiwitchi today! So cute. I just saw him walk up to the screen and smile at me.
  5. parkingviolation

    Mein neu Tamagotchi

    Eddy the Nikatchi is still hanging in there. Right now he is 6 years old, and his discipline bar is full. I just caught him yawning, so I turned out the lights and he is sleeping now. I have also seen him taking a bath (last night) and today I saw him running across the screen and falling down. It was amusing. And that yawn I just saw, that was so cute! I suspect he will evolve tomorrow.
  6. parkingviolation

    Mein neu Tamagotchi

    So I have been gone for quite awhile and my poor tamas have been sitting around without batteries. I found a battery in my desk, however, and put it in my V2 to see what I could get. When I downloaded the tamagotchi that was on there, I found a 3 yr old Hitodetchi named Eddy. This morning he evolved into Nikatchi. V2 Name: Eddy Gender: Boy Gen: 1 Age: 4 yr Weight: 47 lb Training: 4/9 Growth: Hitodetchi - Nikatchi
  7. parkingviolation

    Altador Cup

    Haunted Woods, woot!
  8. parkingviolation

    If your tama gets taken away in class

    Yep. If anyone asks me what it is, I just tell them it's my 'pocketwatch'... works every time!
  9. parkingviolation


    I have a Christmas Kougra, Grey Kyrii, blue Poogle, red Yurble, blue Lutari, Custard Kyrii, and Jelly Kacheek.
  10. parkingviolation

    Please give me your neopets name

    My main account name is laurabird Side account is sk8rchik_03, it's really old too
  11. parkingviolation


    Yes, i think it's very helpful!
  12. parkingviolation

    how much NP do you have?

    i've got 200,000. i'm saving up to buy the Secret Laboratory Map!
  13. parkingviolation

    A V3 on eBay, from... BanDai

    if it was fake, someone sure paid a lot of money for it
  14. parkingviolation

    Mein neu Tamagotchi

    My last two tamagotchis have been Gozarutchi and Masktchi. This disgusts me, quite frankly. Also, the toddlers I have been getting only seem to be Hitodetchis. I want more variety!
  15. parkingviolation

    Mein neu Tamagotchi

    V2 Name: Queso Gender: Girl Age: 4 yr Weight: 38 lb Training: 9/9 Growth: Shiropuchitchi- Hitodetchi - Puroperatchi - Hiratchi Gen1 Age: 8 yr Weight: 65 oz Discipline: completely empty!? Growth: Babytchi- Marutchi- Tamachi- Masktchi