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  1. I'm 29 and still have my Tamagotchis... and I'm sure if I didn't have two small children, I would still be playing with the Tamagotchis. Maybe when my kids are old enough I will let them play with the tamas!
  2. i'm kinda new to anime. but i just started watching Bleach a few weeks ago and i <3 it!!!!! i'm only up to episode 65 right now though... and right now i'm watching a series on DVD called Last Exile. it pretty much rules.
  3. So here's the rundown: Eddy had a visit from Mrs. Busybody two days ago, and she brought a Kuchipatchi. Eddy had a little baby girl, and he left last night. Here are the stats for the new baby: Name: Lia Gender: Girl Gen: 2 Age: 0 yr Weight: 16 lb Training: 1/9 Growth: Hitodetchi
  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaand.... Eddy evolved into a Kiwitchi today! So cute. I just saw him walk up to the screen and smile at me.
  5. Eddy the Nikatchi is still hanging in there. Right now he is 6 years old, and his discipline bar is full. I just caught him yawning, so I turned out the lights and he is sleeping now. I have also seen him taking a bath (last night) and today I saw him running across the screen and falling down. It was amusing. And that yawn I just saw, that was so cute! I suspect he will evolve tomorrow.
  6. So I have been gone for quite awhile and my poor tamas have been sitting around without batteries. I found a battery in my desk, however, and put it in my V2 to see what I could get. When I downloaded the tamagotchi that was on there, I found a 3 yr old Hitodetchi named Eddy. This morning he evolved into Nikatchi. V2 Name: Eddy Gender: Boy Gen: 1 Age: 4 yr Weight: 47 lb Training: 4/9 Growth: Hitodetchi - Nikatchi
  7. Yep. If anyone asks me what it is, I just tell them it's my 'pocketwatch'... works every time!
  8. I have a Christmas Kougra, Grey Kyrii, blue Poogle, red Yurble, blue Lutari, Custard Kyrii, and Jelly Kacheek.
  9. My main account name is laurabird Side account is sk8rchik_03, it's really old too
  10. Yes, i think it's very helpful!
  11. i've got 200,000. i'm saving up to buy the Secret Laboratory Map!
  12. if it was fake, someone sure paid a lot of money for it
  13. My last two tamagotchis have been Gozarutchi and Masktchi. This disgusts me, quite frankly. Also, the toddlers I have been getting only seem to be Hitodetchis. I want more variety!
  14. V2 Name: Queso Gender: Girl Age: 4 yr Weight: 38 lb Training: 9/9 Growth: Shiropuchitchi- Hitodetchi - Puroperatchi - Hiratchi Gen1 Age: 8 yr Weight: 65 oz Discipline: completely empty!? Growth: Babytchi- Marutchi- Tamachi- Masktchi