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  1. RYAN WINS Thanks for your votes THIS POLL IS CLOSED
  2. my cats name is baily he is a male with white and ginger fur
  3. this poll closes tonight 7:00 ET
  4. i have two boys 1 is an adult mamechi and the other is a male baby
  5. my older tama was named boo he leaves today
  6. i mated mine when 1 was 4 and the other 5
  7. no the batteries are different than connection the original tama takes 2 ag-13 batteries
  8. my fav is hinotamachi or , , ,
  9. i have a maruchi (the little O shaped guy) and right when he was gonna grow he fell asleep and he still stayed the same the next day when will he grow? he was activated on sunday at pm 8:00 sharp
  10. thats too bad almost every time i take mine outside it ends up falling or reseting
  11. no it's androchi check = \ = /
  12. Thanx is it natual for an ichigotchi to turn into an oniontgotchi
  13. if i have an oniontchi what is it most likely to grow into i play with it a lot and i give it a balanced diet of snacks PLEASE RESPOND