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  1. NO I haven't! I really see there is no particular reason for people to be reported. I don't want to be mean but then, if you report someone because they sweared. For example: Someone asked a question No one knew So the person says $h!t and someone sees that they sweared and so they report it. Really what do you have against them? They didn't swear at you so yeah. If you report someone because they kept bothering you then I guess thats okay. __________ BTW if you don't know what reporting is, it's when someone does something bad and you tell Admin or someone. TamaKat loves ya!
  2. I find it a good charrie! Because of my tarakotchi...
  3. It stopped by itself...well someone did something. *has no idea what they did*
  4. I think it's a Nikatchi. Big teeth? Has it gone froma black blob to a star, white blob, bumpy head guy or a blob with a black cap?
  5. Not that i know of. I'll ask, but I don't think so. But it was in her pocket. At least I think...No it wasn't it was on her necklace thingy. So anyway I think that helps Inuyasha&Tamagotchi
  6. They have to both be four to have a baby! Hope it helped TamaKat loves ya!
  7. Okay this isn't my tama we're talking about, it's my friend's tama. Anyway, this morning she went to school and suddenly her tama started beeping like crazy! So she looked and the time was on, but then she looked and the tama was reseting the time on it's own! It was like changing the months on it's own, she wasn't pressing any buttons! It was so weird. Please someone help! It stopped already but I have no idea how. Her tama was: A V2 (in think it was an American) She got it at Wal-Mart It's a pink tama that has like purple designs on it. Her character was a Hitodetchi It was this morning Someone help!!!
  8. When your tama is on pause it's growth stops. So it will probably be and adult today or tomorrow. And usually your tama grows to be and adult once it's three. That's usually my maximuim age.
  9. Tamagotchi's Name: Chris Tamagotchi's Age: 2 years Date of Birth: Don't Remeber Date of Passing: Halloween What Generation? 1st Other Information? This is what happened. On Sunday I forgot all about my tamagotchi! I was so dumb! And then...I went to school and I forgot all about my tama... Your Comments: WHY DID I LEAVE YOU! I'M SO DUMB! *hits head on wall* But now you have Chris2 to show how good you were. Chris2 is now a ringotchi be proud!
  10. I've own a tamagotchi for a long time now but I still don't get this. On my tamagotchis package (the thing it's in before you open it) it said there were eight games and so I'm not sure if there are more games. The ones I know of are : Jump Bump Heading Slot Are they also including the games that they connect with? Tug-o-war Racing Eating Contest Balloon blowing This might be a little du,b but I really wanna find out.
  11. That's possible if it has a baby.
  12. Not rules. They are different verions on tamagotchis. V1 is the first tamagotchi connection which connects. The V2 is the one that connects and has the shop. That's the main differenece with me. The twins are the 'True Friends' packages. Not sure if it's really called that but anyway, they aren't really twins. It's because they have two tamagotchis in one. Hope that helped
  13. I haven't heard anything like this before. So I don't know. But let me ask you. How many items did she have and how many treats? I think I know. But aout her putting a code I don't think so.
  14. An avatar is a the picture on the right side. Like mine says: TamaKat and has the kiwitchi on it. This is the Avatar---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->
  15. don't worry. It goes off when it goes to sleep. If you put of the stuffed animal costume then you can't get it back.