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  1. Eh.. How long have you had that avvie? just wondering. 3/10
  2. Ok, nothing Special today, but I just really hope I get a new battery for my V1.
  3. The V2 does have jump but the V2 jump game is Way different from the V1 jump. anyways, as tamarsc said, we already know it. i`ve already had my V1 for two years and had expirience. So yeah, people who Have V1s know about this already. But as you jump over more hurdles in the game (like i said, people know this one..) the Tama goes faster and you have to quickly press the buttons A or B, but not too quick or it`ll miss one.
  4. ok. I made new log for my three tamas. My V1 ran out o batteries and my V2 and V3 are still ok. Anyways, There was a slight update on my tamas. My 9th generation V2 was a baby and it evolved into a kuribotchi and then into ringotchi. my 2nd generation V3 was a girl who evolved into a toddler (forgot which one.) and then into a young mimitchi! yes! So when one of my tamagotchis die and leave a baby, i`ll tell you which version, which gender it is, and the name ok? V1 girl name: I have no idea, i had it debugged. (seriously.) V2 Girl name: Annie V3 Girl name: Tatl
  5. *hugs Surfer_girl* HI SURFER_GIRL! long time since i`ve seen you! oops, i`m off topic again. Meowbark that is mean. I think you should say to her that you don`t wanna be friends anymore in the friendliest way. if that won`t work and nothing else Did, Stick with SK`s plan then.
  6. That is really mean CDB. Besides CDB, I don`t think iy`ll help, but for once, I agree about the plan SK made.
  7. Well that IS true, but it sounds like it`s a total pain in the butt everytime Ines comes over to her house.
  8. Well it`s not helping and it`s just making everything worse. you`re the one being mean to me and I`ve already been starting to be less confident and so people always have issued with me. I`m just corruped like i said, And it`s friday and i have no homework. So one thing you have to do, Stop telling me these things and with the "like I said", it`s really bugging me and don`t want people controling my life. I even stink at everything i try to play because of you making me less confident with the posts you give me Sweet Kandi.
  9. Well, I.can`t belive i`m saying this.. I`m sorry to go off topic but I`ll start beating myself up at home for being a total Jerk to all members and being a total idiot to myself just because when i read a post that says people are correcting others i think it`s mean. like i said in my last post, my life is already ruined and i don`t want it to be worse. so I might leave the site for a week but i`ll never get over it. So if you want, you can start ignoring me on the whole site, i don`t even care, but see how I feel. AND I SAID NO TALKING BACK TO ME! I`M NEVER GOING TO DO MY HOMEWORK EVER AGAIN JUST BECAUSE YOU SAY I HAVE TO DO IT! AAND HAVING SCHOOL KICKING MY BUTT IS A REASON. I`M JUST CORRUPTED BECAUSE MY PARENTS AREN`T EVEN FAIR TO ME AND I ALREADY HAVE CHAOS! SO JUST GET OUT OF MY LIFE AND STOP TALKING BACK TO ME LIKE THAT! I`M LEAVING STARTING NOW AFTER i DO MY LAST POSTS FOR UNTIL jANUARY 3!
  10. Well i`m SORRY BUT YOU DON`T HAVE TO TELL ME WHAT I`M DOING WRONG! I`M JUST LIKE THAT BECAUSE SCHOOL IS KICKINBG MY BUTT EVERYDAY AND I ALWAYS GET BUSTED FOR NOT DOING HOMEWORK! YOU SEE WHAT`S HAPPENING?! EVERYBODY TURNS ON ME! I JUST WANT TO BE NICE BUT THAT DOESN`T MEAN YOU CAN GET IN MY LIFE AND TELL ME WHAT I`M DOING BAD! EVERYBODY`S MEAN TO ME AND IF THEY KEEP TURNING ON ME I`M GONNA BE LEFT WITH NOBODY TALKING TO ME SOON SO JUST ONE THING, NEVER SPEAK TO ME AGAIN! I NEED SOME TIME ALONE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO BE NICER! I`ve been really helpful to the people who are new with tamagotchi until you told me this! i`m sorry but you are never to quote my posts, and if anybody ever says i`m doing something wrong i`ll just have to quit! i`m only trying to help here so don`t ever say that to me! and if anybody`s reading this post, don`t talk back to me because like i said, SCHOOL IS REALLY KICKING MY BUTT AND SO IS MY LIFE! MY LIFE ALREADY HAS ENOUGH DISASTERS HAPPENING TO ME! rEAD THE BOLD AND SEE HOW I FEEL ABOUT THAT!