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  1. Mine is 1 and its 92lb!!! It doesnt make anything bad unless your's is a child! Mine is a young Mametchi so I have nothing to worry about. Dont Worry Tamahope
  2. I just was wondering, is it a Mimitchi or a Mametchi??? Too lazy to go to a website!!! Tamahope
  3. You probably have a new character that the v1 doesnt have. When it goes to v1 it turns into a sorta "Sub Character" because when the v1's were made some of the new characters hadn't been invented. But when the v1 was made they made a "Sub Character" incase they made new characters. Hope you understand my blabber!!! Tamahope
  4. You must punish it!!! If you dont it will stay that way. The reason why it is stubborn is because you are letting it get away with everything. Also if you dont punish it, it will not gain training points which help it in games. Hope I Helped Tamahope
  5. Actually its probably a Nyorotchi (pic- http://bellsprout.50webs.com/Nyorotchi.gif) HIH
  6. I started a new tama yesterday and it is still 0yrs old!!! Very Confusing!!! Tamahope
  7. K that doesnt work, try pasting this: http://mars.walagata.com/w/dolliedreams/14.gif into your address bar. Press go and u'll see the pic! Hope I helped
  8. It may be a Hanatchi, does it look like this? Cos thats a Hanatchi. Hope I helped, Tamahope
  9. Your lucky! You get the Starfish thing for your toddler/child. I got the round thingy that rolls around!!!!
  10. Hi, I got a Tama Connection Vs. 2 today and I am wondering where you type the codes? Ive tried typing the Official ones on the main screen but it doesnt work! Please Help, tamahope