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  1. I really like V4s. The antenna is neat (although it takes away from the whole "egg" concept) because it's quite different from other Tamaggotchis; plus, it makes them look like EnTamas. The Skill Points feature is cool because it gives your Tama a little more personality and a few traits. I like to make my Tama smart, too. Skill Points also make it much easier to get the character you want; a very nice touch. The jobs are fun; I do wish they would offer them all at once, however. The Post Icon is pretty nice; I like being able to get free items or Gotchi-Points from the King. However, the Messages are quite annoying when they contain a poop or a snake (it's so sad to watch your Tama be so terrified by the snake ). But, overall, I think that V4s are awesome. -Tamaguy#1
  2. I think that was good of BanDai to offer to fix or replace your Tama. Some other companies might just say, "We're sorry for any inconvenience, but this is beyond our control; we don't offer replacements". I haven't had any problems with my V4s. Although, one of my V4s empties it's happy meter every time I use the lamp (even if I get Gotchi-Points), but I'm not sure if that's a glitch or not. -Tamaguy#1
  3. Topic #1... That's a very hard question. I love all of the Tamagotchis equally. Connections are cool because they are more realistic and can do so many things! Unfortunately, they don't live very long. Ancestors are great too. They are nostalgic and just simple little virtual pets. They live for a good long time and I love the characters on P1s (I'm hoping to get a P2 soon). The only disadvantage of ancestors is that they are very hard to care for in their old age. -Tamaguy#1
  4. My feelings exactly. Poor little Nyorotchi...so cute. -Tamaguy#1
  5. Yes. That's normal. Sadly, Nyorotchis are very sickly Tamas. They get sick several times a day and usually only live to be 6-10. Your's lived to be 8? WOW! My Nyorotchis only live to be 6 or 7. -Tamaguy#1
  6. LOL. I think Tamagotchis will always be pets. They are very intelligent little creatures, but that's good, their intelligence makes them be able to enjoy things we like, such as: watching movies, getting new things, eating special foods, celebrating holidays, etc. I think that alone makes them more realistic. Also, a Tamagotchi can't survive on earth without a caretaker. Tamas aren't very independent during their time you care for them. If you forget to feed them, or you don't keep them happy, they get sick and have to leave. The only thing a Tama can do by it's self is brush it's teeth and take a bath (and turn out the lights ). I think as long as BanDai makes sure that Tamagotchis depend on us, they will stay "pets". -Tamaguy#1
  7. Please don't advertise personal websites. You can put it in your signature, but please no making posts or threads about it. Ooh, sorry there tamalover99. That stinks. Well, if you take perfect care, maybe it will still become a good character? -Tamaguy#1
  8. I'd have to say Tamagotchi is the better of the two. Tamagotchis are so real, they move, eat, grow, sleep, and make cute little sounds at you when they're happy/sad/mad/etc. Neopets is a very neat website and they're very easy to care for, but Tamagotchi is better! -Tamaguy#1
  9. That's a hard question. I love the old Tamagotchis because once I got my P1, it was so nostalgic (it remindes me of when I was little and a few of my older cousins had one). P1s and P2s are also very simple virtual pets; they're also very easy to get attatched to because they live alot longer than the newer Tamas. The only downside is that they are hard to care for in their "old" stage ( which is usually age 15+). However, new Tamagotchis are awesome too! They are so advanced! They can make friends "connect" to the computer, go to school, get jobs, buy items, the list just goes on and on! I do wish they would live a little longer though. I love all kinds of Tamagotchis, and I don't think I love new ones or old ones more. -Tamaguy#1
  10. Wow. That's pretty stupid. Why is smashing something with a hammer entertaining to some people? -Tamaguy#1
  11. I know, it's awesome! I'm glad BanDai finally updated that site. I guess it takes a long time to update because they have other sites to run too (like Power Rangers or Ben 10, etc). -Tamaguy#1
  12. BanDai finally updated Tamagotch.com and added a entirely new page! On the home page, in place of the Celebrity Connection picture is a link that says "Are you livin' the Tamagotchi life?". If you click on it, it takes you to a whole page dedicated to V4! It shows you all of the V4 characters (with personality descriptions...finally ), all of the Gotchi-Prizes, all of the Cell Phone numbers (yes, there are more than just the Mr. Turtlepedia number), and a few other things! Also, under the Downloads section, the downloadable screensaver has been changed! Instead of the boring slide puzzle screensaver, the new one features several adorable character animations. Go check it out for yourself! -Tamaguy#1
  13. That's the one I have, the Blue w/ Waves design. It's pretty cool. Not too girly. That's the only problem I really have; BanDai markets Tamagotchis like they're for 8 year old girls and boys. I think I saw somewhere that 45% (or something close to that) of Tamagotchi caretakers are over age 15. I do think that BanDai should make more "Tamagotchi-related" designs instead of things like ice cream and make up and graffiti that have nothing to do with Tamagotchis (although the designs do look cool, they don't complement the whole virtual pet thing, they look like...pictures). As long as BanDai doesn't start making it look like Tamas are a "girl thing" again, I'm okay. However, Rey Mysterio is right; if you want something like that to change, e-mail BanDai. They are a company that tries to please their customers and I'm sure they would like to hear your oppinion (after all, the designs are a big part of collecting Tamagotchis). They might consider making the designs more gender-neutral and more Tamagotchi-ish. I e-mailed BanDai 'cause I was mad that they said Tamagotchis were for girls, and guess what; the next new post on their news said "Tamagotchi appeals to boys and girls of all ages". -Tamaguy#1
  14. I noticed that on V4, the Easter animation is different! Instead of the bunny pushing the egg across the screen, your Tama sits there and looks at a giant egg with a star on it. But here's the funny part, if you watch it long enough, a Babytchi pops out of the egg! This happened to me on 3/25 at 2:00 PM; so if you want to see for yourself, change the date and time to the above and try it (note: this is when it happened to me, but it may not work at 2:00 PM for other people...)! -Tamaguy#1