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  1. Congratulations you three! I think Jappyx and Admin are going to be delighted with you three helping in the Administrative as well as Moderating sides of things //Haze
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  4. Watch what you say please. This topic will be closed if it becomes out of hand. //Haze
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  7. Are you sure it was a 4.5? That is amazing if it was, pictures would be wonderful... if you go there again? //Haze
  8. WOO HOO! Congratulations Tama Talk! 3 years is extraordinary, amazing achievement! //Haze
  9. Everyone is always new at some point of time. And please, bear in mind the main purpose of TamaTalk being here is to support new Tamagotchi pet owners, and also provide discussions, and a friendly environment for more experienced Tamagotchi owners I know; how hard it is to make a forum accommodate for all members needs (new and old). It may be 'annoying' for the older members seeing the forums being stacked with the same questions, or silly threads over and over, but that's the ups and downs forums have. Tama Talk is growing, and will continue to grow as time passes. //Haze
  10. I highly doubt it, where did you hear about that rumor? //Haze
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  12. It's a nice gesture Tom and Mark to help, but as others have explained smilies are very self explanatory features of a forum. //Haze
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