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  1. Is it even possible? Will it die? Why does it poop if it hasn't eaten anyway? Why can't it just sit on the potty by it's self? does it need more training? My tamagotchi isn't smart......It eats wierd things and floats right over it poop~~~~~
  2. I looked on all the charts and there was no sheepy thingy!!! !st: boy baby 2nd: round child 3rd: hindoitchi (fire thingy) 4th: Sheep thingy............has anyone ever seen a sheep thing?????
  3. I really need some suggestions...I mean i disipline him when he beeps for food when he's not hungry, but what else? Tamas do much more than beep right?
  4. he good or bad? What makes them good or bad? Im a bit confused....could anyone clear this up for me? THanks ~~New Tama