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  1. tamadude304

    items and how much they cost

    i mean items that you buy with gotchi points.
  2. the secret tama is my avatar!!!!
  3. tamadude304


    you get if you get it up to 99lbs as a teen and never exersize it.
  4. how much do items cost. pleze list items and how much they cost!!
  5. is it possible to age a tama? :( :
  6. it is normal i see it all the time.
  7. tamadude304

    what happed?

    my brother is at school when i leave it alone.
  8. tamadude304

    what happed?

    it is not debugged and i never gave in soda.
  9. tamadude304

    your tama's fave food

  10. tamadude304

    your tama's fave food

    mimitchi sushi
  11. tamadude304

    what happed?

    now it went from 55lbs to 96lbs!
  12. tamadude304

    item costs

    yes you helped thanx
  13. tamadude304

    what happed?

    thnx for trying to help!
  14. tamadude304

    what happed?

    my tama was 99lbs when he fell asleap but when he woke up he was 55lbs, how?
  15. tamadude304


    my tama ran and slamed his head into the ground, why??