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  1. Now that Raitochi has successfully completed his rocket launch, he began to grow listless and decided to explore Dream Town. It looks as if his enthusiasm quickly gets the better of him... Not to mention all the Gotchi Points he's suddenly intent on making... At the end of the day, his curiosities abated, Raitochi decided to settle down with his favorite book and enjoy a meal in his own kitchen.
  2. I have to admit my slight disappointment when Aokumotchi grew from a Cosmotchi into a Raitochi today. I had high hopes for him to follow in his father's footsteps and become a Mametchi. Alas, he has decided to forge his own path. Forgoing pets and dates, his real passions seem to lie in computer science and aerospace engineering. Perhaps he is not so far off from his father after all. -B
  3. Despite the companionship of her faithful Yumekyantchi and myself, Crepetchi longed for more and decided to try her luck with the local matchmaker today. It did not take long for her to find true love at the Omiai Party (ten seconds, in fact). From there, it was a whirlwind romance that led to the altar. Unfortunately, Crepetchi was not ready to settle down with their baby yet and left Aokumotchi in my care. It seems the little one is already taking after his father with his affinity for computers.
  4. It seems the potty-training has gone awry. I woke up to Crepetchi digging around the yard with Yumekyantchi this morning and chaos ensued. I guess some things just won't stay buried... She spent her afternoon working at the Tamamori Shop before trying her hand at gardening again. It looks like her determination paid off! And to finish the day nicely, she received her fourth and final puzzle piece! I think her delight is palpable here. -B
  5. I feel so old reading some of the posts on here. My first Tamagotchi was way back in 1997, and I remember being terrible at it as my Tama kept dying. I was eight-years-old at the time and found the whole toy with its faintly transparent white shell and red rubber buttons absolutely magical. I was also gifted a green RakuRaku DinoKun and Bobo Panda Byte around the same time, but it wasn't until 2004 that I came upon a Tamagotchi again with my purple v1. Unfortunately, I have since moved twice and no longer have my virtual pets. I now have a Tama P's and don't intend on parting with them anymore.
  6. Having been away from all forms of Tamagotchi since the V1 (and before that, the earlier ones from '97), I recently rediscovered them and figured it was a good time as any to see how things have changed. Unfortunately, I can not understand the Japanese, but the guides for Tamagotchi P's have been plentiful so I decided to go with this version rather than the newer 4U. Depending on how things go, I may decide to get one in the future. For now, meet my new P's... My Crepetchi is 3 days old now, and has settled down nicely compared to the fussy baby that she was a few days prior. I'm pleased that her immune system has grown stronger as she used to get sick multiple times. Even without a guide, finding her likes were pleasantly easy as I discovered her love for a fluffy one-piece, maid hat, and the chocolate fountain all within ten minutes of her becoming an adult. Today, she also befriended a Yumekyantchi while on a stroll and decided to take her home then and there. As long as she's responsible for potty-training her new friend, I will allow it. -B
  7. Sorry, no, I don't know where you can buy them at a cheap price in north shields/new castle... but it isn't stupid that you're 13 and you still love tamagotchis (I'm going to be 16 soon, by the way ) Oh... and my mom would think I'm stupid if I go find a boyfriend because she says i'm too young and blah blah blah Well, whatever. Good luck with you tamagotchi! ~Mayumi
  8. BluRain


    Oy, yeah its depressing... but I guess they have to move onto other things maybe? But you never know, they might suddenly reappear one day and surprise all of us with a post ~Mayumi
  9. Yeah, I guess it doesn't seem as much fun as the normal tamagotchi connections ... but the mini tama is more of a decorative item rather than anything else. Well hey, it'll look cute hanging from your cellphone and/or bag! ~Mayumi
  10. True, but that takes all the fun out of it. Anyway, my b-day is on June 19th so its coming up soon ~Mayumi
  11. Hi there. The tamagotchis have to be facing each other when they're connecting, and the distance can't be too far away, but I tried it with a distance of a little over a feet and the connection worked fine. ~Mayumi
  12. Nope, I never got caught...yet I keep the sound off and check it occasionally between classes since I'm in tenth grade and in a overcrowded school with over 4000 students! Most of the people in my school get caught playing around with their cellphones instead ~Mayumi
  13. I take them to almost everywhere I go... especially school ~Mayumi
  14. ...Interesting. This sort of thing has never happened to me, but now you're tamagotchi is on its 99th generation! Wow! ~Mayumi
  15. I have three tamagotchi connection v1 at the moment. I guess I might get a v2 if I see it in the store but at the moment, I am already content with the tamagotchis I own ~Mayumi