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    If anyone has a devilgotchi they would like to sell to me, I'm willing to buy <3 kay thanks bai!

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  1. most walmarts have them out already... or *gasp* they have already sold out too X__x
  2. no there is not a deal like that.. they are new and selling well, from a sellers point the move would be pointless... its all economics baby!
  3. I've seen my tamagotchi listen to music and take a bath, the fireworks happen when they mate or do"the humpty humpty dance* I haven't seen mine brush there teeth or watch there teeth yet, but its just a new thing to look forward to.. and for the present items i've only gotten a ball and a skateboard so far... the skateboards really neat in my opinion
  4. so cool... but now it just makes me want a devilgotchi even more....... T__T the only one i can find is at Jason's Store for like $150 O.o now personally i think that's a HUGE rippoff
  5. I was wondering if anyone knew what the holidays were on the tamagotchi connection. I mean they should be different than plus. I guess we'll see in November when Thanksgiving comes around. I want to see my tamagotchi have a big turkey feast! Or Even better dress up on Halloween. I really hope bandia expanded on the date feature on the US version.
  6. wow, I'm soo glad I didn't get them, the auctions said connection thought right? That means they would have aged a lot slower than my american ones
  7. I wish i had it T__T or at least could see it
  8. Toysrus has a ton! I checked out three of them... The locale one only had two colors left so I went on a hunt for a green one for a friend. They keep them in the front of the store, not with the neopets
  9. yah you have to set the date, time, your birthday and name the tamagotchi before it will hatch, do so by pushing the b or second key
  10. My friend bought a new green tamagotchi for toysrus yesterday. It didn't do anything thing abusive to it at all. He turned is tamagotchi off of pause mode and then the A button stopped working. It's like extra sensitive. If he lightly touches it the icons scroll across the entire selection icons in a sort of rulette mannor. Has this happened to anyone? Is it fixable? We tired pulling the button out a little but it only fixes it for one key stroke. T___T poor tama
  11. i want to see it <3 i wish someone could upload them and then we could start a torrent
  12. How much were they selling them for at the NYC Toysrus? At the SF Metrion They were twenty so I only bought one. Now I'm desperiately seeking a second. Now that it's past the realease date I was hoping locale stores would start carrying them. But even says they don't come out till the 19th
  13. The auctions for the AIDS foundation were US and were in the Japanese colors. Are those the only US ones in Japanese colors, or were they actually auctioning off Japanese tamagotchis. I didn't bother paying the extra for the auction because I thought I would be able to get the baby blue one here soon, also all my guy friends wanted the black one.