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  1. Hi! When I was younger, there was a video on here that I LOVED. It was of a Mametchi in his little house and it was a very well animated cartoon. The overlaying song was "Mr.Sandman" by the Chordettes...ya know, the one that goes "Mr.Sandman, bring me a dream..." Anyways, taking a trip down memory lane and I really want to watch it but I can't seem to find it anywhere. If anyone knows what video I'm talking about, I would love a link so I can watch it again!!
  2. Okay! I think my clues were a litttle too vague....Well it does have to do with a diary entrance and a riddle, but not in a direct sort of way. think red. oh, and it's a girl! Chao, tamatama2005
  3. Today Ron got married! It was to the female gozuratchi charcter! They had a girl, and if you want to guess what her name is (it's a Harry Potter name so guess away!), PM it to me and the first person to guess right gets a prize! Only one guess per email, but don't flood my inbox with guesses of all of the characters...hmmm perhaps i should make a diary entrance with a riddle to point you in the right direction...but it looks like I already did. Oh and the prize will probably be a mention on our log, or maybe like a post in here or something. But its fin to guess and see who got it right, right? Okay guess away! Chao! tamatama2005
  4. Yesterday night Ron became a SUPERSTAR! and is now Nmber 1! He has 253,055,029 fans lined up every night to catch a glimpse of him and his band Lumos on stage! Ron has 999 skill points in every thing and for such a busy guy is hardly stressed out at all (only 4 stress points!) Now, to all of you avid readers, how does Ron become the ultimate superstar? I saw the characters on tamatown and I know there'sa way to get them....sooo....please PM me and tell me because I can't find any threads about it. Chao! tamatama2005
  5. Gender: Boy Baby: Petichi Toddler: Kuchitamatchi Teenager: Kikitchi Adult: Mametchi I think the way your tama grows depends on the way you care for it. I don't have the sleep times, but I'll get you the sleep times for the Mametchi as soon as I can tamatama2005 Edit: I found out that the Omlette is a Mametchi's Favorite Food. When your browsing your different foods, if your character puts on an extremely happy face, you've found your character's favorite food.
  6. Hello all! Ron is on his way to superstardom! He has 999 rhythm skill points, and his other skills are in the 800's! Also this morning when the mail came, this gutiar guy gave me 500,000 gotchi points! Who knew superstardom could be so rewarding?! Also, I have a star ranking of 7th with over 179,000,000 fans (my tama is not with me, so its an estimate lol) Anyways, Ron and his band Lumos are becoming very sucessful! I also learned how to play band practices and with Dino and Ron on the drums with Colleen on the guitar we're practically unstoppable :] tamatama2005
  7. WEll, my V5 died. But now i have my MUsic Star and a joint log with my bestest firend. so check it out at: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/index.php?showt...0entry2529269
  8. Today I woke up to find a Mametchi on my screen! When Ron was a teenager, he went to school and formed a band named Lumos with Dino the fireball and Colleen the...well I don't really know what she is. Anyways, Dino is now a Tarokotchi and Colleen is now the cool dinosaur thingy. NOw that they're adults they practice. Now,faithful readers, here is a question for you. What do you do during their practice? Am I suppossed to press buttons or something? What is your star ranking and how do I bring it up? PM me with your answers please, because I am in desperate need of them. Anyways, Ron's skill points are as follows Tone: 545 Rhythm: 630 Original: 613 How do you get a superstar character and what does it do? I am very confused. AS always, PM me and clear my brain of this fuzziness. tamatama2005
  9. Hello! It's tamatama2005! My Music Star's name is Ron (mwhaha i love our harry potter theme!). Anyways, he's now a teenager, but as a toddler he was the kutichi thing. Right now he is a Kikitchi, love Rock'n Roll, and has 144 Tone points, 186 Rhythm points, and 145 Originality points. So, thats the scoop on Ron. Bye Bye Butterfly! tamatama2005
  10. OK all I'm starting up my log again! I was very upset when I looked at my last post and i had 90% bonds. Urg, why am I such an idiot? Well, anyways. I have my bonds up to 40%-well actually it was just training time and now we're up to 50%. I've been using the items that increase bonds to increase my bonds. So, hopefully I will reach my goal of 100%. I'll update soon. Chao (im taking spanish this year. mwhahah.)
  11. Well, I got bonds up to 90% which means tomorrow I'll have 100%!! After reaching that goal, Angela will marry! ~tamatama2005~ P.S. sorry no longer post today but I'm on a rush. Maybe later I'll post some more but know im mostly unsure.
  12. Well, I got my bonds up to 80%, so only 20% more until my goal is fulfilled!! I also notices as bonds go up, when you press the C button, you can see different animations. In my next generation I will make alist of these animations. Ok, status time! The Culle Family Stats Hunger::wub::wub: Happy::wub::wub: Bonds: 80% Family: Blended Family Generation: Second Generation Money: $8190g Well, thats it for todayy! Enjoy the first day back to school tomorrow, but I dont know if I will. Bye! ~tamatama2005~ (go tildas~!~!~!~!~!)
  13. Well, I got my bonds up to 70%!! Only 30% more until I reach my goal! Once I reach 100% bonds, Angela will go on the dating show. Well, my tamas are sleeping, so good night to all!! ~tamatama2005~
  14. Harry just turned Ron into a ball of swiss cheese!
  15. LOTS OF NEWS TODAY! Well, my bonds went up by 10%, making 60%!! I also found out from my good friend Tama_Mama27 that adults stay adults forever if they dont mate (kinda like vampires....if you don;t know what I'm talking about read the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer and you won't regret it!) Sorry, but I don't know how to quote e-mails. I won Tea Time today! I noticed, right after you train your tamas, it has to go to the bathroom. Right when I finished training them, I saw them kinda crouch down looking like they had to go. I clicked the potty button and Angela went to the bathroom while the other two watched. I was so proud of myself! I wonder if it earns you bonds?? I did this twice. okay lets check on those stats. Culle Family Stats Hunger: :wub: Happy: :wub: Bonds: 60% Family: Blended Family Generation: Second Generation Money:$8120g My new goal is to beat another game! ~tamatama2005~