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  1. Saw some new designs at the local TRU (Seattle). Pretty cool. Looks like we'll be getting our housemate and friend each a Tamagotchi for Christmas
  2. it was nice to wake up to a newly evolved Mimitchi
  3. Thanks! I've been trying to find the URL for a fairly extensive site that had images of all the connection characters including the "secret" ones. I want to say its an international site but I can't recall. Does anything have that handy or can point me in the right direction so I can bookmark it? once again, thanks in advance ~Aries
  4. Another transformation One is the whale (Kujiratchi) and the other looks has a face of a "takotchi" - kinda duck like around the face but is black on the bottom. Has a single "antenna" coming out of its head. Cute. Ya' know - I'd love it if it under the status menu it would not only tell you about its health and whether its a boy or a girl but the name of the actual character. Would save you from having to read my questions. Its been nice thought to end up with some unusual characters. Thanks in advance! ~Aries
  5. Thanks! I think I found the info. I've been seeing a lot of the "older" Gen2 characters pop up. At least it she likes to play games and its easy to win at slots. Sorry for jumping the gun!
  6. Hi! well, another one of our tama's evolved and I need your help identifying (since I can't seem to find an image) Its kinda cute actually...a weird mix of a masked ant and an octopus Thanks in advance ~Aries
  7. When these first came out I only purchased the TRU exclusives (or any store exclusive) they didn't cost any more than the "regular" one's just limited in number. I did buy the Gizmo version which I found amusing. As always, Tiger usually releases a wide array of color schemes in hopes of fulfilling everyone's color choice. I personally like the spotted one's as well as the color purple. Right now I only see a handful of colors available and 1 TRU exclusive. My guess is that there will be a big push in about a month - typical holiday season rush.
  8. thanks - I was trying to think of some names as well. Of course Hanaotchi is already taken although that would have made sense as well (Hana = flower and nose depending upon intonation) for the whale maybe Kujiraotchi and the frog-ish looking character may be Kaeruotchi (kerodotchi...based on the "sound" a frog makes) or some derivative of the word. Most of the names make sense (in terms of Japanese usage). I guess in the mean time I'll be content with its little leaves waving 'hi'
  9. my teen turned in to a tulip looking character - looked at several sites but couldn't find a name - anyone know? roommate ended up with a Gozarutchi. Thanks in advance!
  10. The new Furby's have been upgraded It utilizes Emoto-tronics which essentially brings the Furby to life by allowing it more realistic emotions and movements. The Furby has improved voice recognition as well, unlike the original which was more sound activated, these should be able to understand what you say and reply back. I'm sure there's a bit of an adjustment since it will probably need to learn the influxes in your voice. The price is a bit higher than the original but it should prove be be a far more entertaining experience. More colors are starting to pop up too.
  11. Has anyone figured out the multipliers for the Slots Game? I have an idea but I've been so sporadic and my notes are terrible
  12. I would definitely appreciate a backlight - I like the idea of a sensor - some times its difficult to see if there's not enough direct lighting around. A colored version would be fun (much like the pocket pikachu color) - doesn't have to be fancy - we don't really want to see the price driven up too much. What might be interesting is have the character react to certain things - light would cause the Tamagotchi to put on sunglasses Or vigorous movement might cause the gotchi to tumble around on the screen - with consequences for shaking too much of course. In other words, a more interactive form of Tamagotchi. just my 10 yen's worth
  13. Stopped by the locale TRU at Northgate Mall in Seattle. They had the usual selection of V2's as well as the combo packs and Mini's. If you are in the Seattle area - check your local WalGreen's as well as Fred Meyer stores. Walgreen's has a small section of toys and occasionally they'll have a few tucked away. Fred Meyer's has these located with their other handheld games and walkie-talkies. Good luck and happy hunting