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    im a former tamatalk guide.
    ive been inactive for about two years now, but tamatalk gave me a really good experience :)
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  1. Bummer really. I know MJ had alot of.. well, issues. And people are now saying "Yes he's finally dead!" But seriously. He's human, y'know. I didn't really enjoy him. (His picture freaked me out xD) But death is sad either way. I got sympathy for him, he's got kids too. Before the skin and nose thing, he did look normal. ..Uh, that was a while ago, yeah. But really! That sucks, hands down. Nobody does the moonwalk the same.
  2. "Friggen weather-people" .. But I had a reason! Today its sunny. Tomorrow, when I'm at Wonderland, it's supposed to be thunderstormy. -.- Gah.
  3. im not your boyfriend baby & starstrukk. ;D
  4. <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 kay, proved my point. hes a sweeteh.
  5. That being lazy isn't a good thing. 'Cause I can't get out of it.
  6. There's been thunderstorms here ._. Whattheheck, it's December!
  7. Love Story by Taylor Swift. Seventeen Forever by Metro Station. <33333333333333
  8. I like, Aeropostale all the waaaay. and occasionally Hollister, besides the ridiculous prices. >-< The clothes are perdy.
  9. Hmm, I think I like the name Scarlett. x3 Its... unique.
  10. My hair biography! How exciting. Medium Length. Naturally light blonde. So thin, it's sad. .-. Lots of layers, and a side part with side-bangs. I wash it once a day. I use Herbal Essences Body Envy. And lots of foamy mousse stuff. Blow dry, and straighten with a CHI. I tease it into a puff at the top of my head. Its hot. <33
  11. Rachie. Peaches. Uncle John. (Dont you dare ask. xD)
  12. Trying to talk to eachother at the same time. And kissing eachother on the cheek at the same time, doesnt work.
  13. Metro Station amazes me. 8D Especially Kelsey.