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  1. HelloKitty93


    So what do you do? Just wait to earn 5000 more and try it again?
  2. HelloKitty93


    I've donated over 5000 pts to the king, yet I have not received a password...what's going on?
  3. HelloKitty93


    nevermind i just found it...hahaha
  4. HelloKitty93


    can anyone tell me where the hidden hat is in tamatown; you know, one of the items you need to get the golden egg? i can't seem to find it...
  5. HelloKitty93

    TamaTalk has a new sister site!

    I just signed up for my account and I love it!
  6. HelloKitty93


    I've had my v.3 for two days now, and mine just became an Obotchi. Is that a hidden character or something? It was on tamatalk's charts but not on the official website's. Did I do something good?
  7. HelloKitty93


    How were you able to get a hold of these??? Any way that I would be able to find one?
  8. HelloKitty93

    Where does every 1 live?

    that would be cool to be in hawaii. oh, i got a personal message the other day from someone else who was from Chicago. who was it? lol i 4got (sorry!)
  9. HelloKitty93

    American and Canadian Websites

    i know what you mean. on the bright side tho, they are awful colorfil
  10. HelloKitty93

    Where does every 1 live?

    is there NEONE from chicago?!?!
  11. HelloKitty93


    she does that too and it is pretty funny, it reminds me of a kid rolling down a hill or someone who is pretty drunk, lol,
  12. HelloKitty93

    100 posts!!!

    thanks! that's cool that ur a first 50 tho, *is jealous* jkjk, i would have had more too, but my internet in my new house isn't set up yet, rite now i'm at my aunt's house, later on i'll be at my other aunt's house so maybe i'll be on again later....YAAAAY
  13. HelloKitty93


    i have the hot pink american one too....mine's not even a year old yet so she hasn't really done nething other than float round the screen
  14. HelloKitty93


    good luck with that! i bet it'll come real soon.
  15. HelloKitty93

    New Tamagotchi

    omg me too! for the past two years i've really wanted tama's to come back out, and until now to no avail, but, YAY BANDAI!! I love you!!