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    Tamagotchis, other v-pets, computers, video games, world of warcraft, NASCAR, WWE & TNA wrestling<br><br>MY ENGLISH TAMS:<br>1: 1997 gen. 1, white w/ blue.<br>2: Version 1, purple.<br>3: Version 2, clear purple-pink w/ pink diamonds.<br>4: Version 2, arctic camouflage.<br>5: Version 2, army camouflage.<br>6: Version 3, blue ocean waves.<br>7: Version 3, blue camouflage.<br>8: Version 3, silver & black.<br>9: Version 3, snakeskin.<br>10: Version 3, clear red w/ pink.<br>11: Version 4, red-white-and blue waves.<br><br>MY JAPANESE TAMS:<br>1: Angelgotchi, grey & white w/ silver wings.<br>2: Tama Plus, sky blue.<br>3: Keitai, white.<br>4: Cho-Jinsei (Entama), blue w/ silver stars.

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  1. tamadogg

    How Old Where You When You Got Your First Tama?

    I was 28 when I got my first one, a pink diamond v2 my daughter gave me. I now have about 14 of them, including 4 Japanese tams.
  2. tamadogg

    Want to know...

    Don't worry about playing with them, i'm 31 and still play with them. Have for years. Age doesn't matter, long as you're having fun!
  3. tamadogg

    Is debugging worth it?

    It's alright if you don't mind the battery going dead every 3 weeks or so.
  4. tamadogg

    How do you manage your tama's?

    I've had as many as 12 going at once. Usually, I change the time on those I can't care for at the time, so they sleep (don't lose hearts) and keep growing, while I care for another.
  5. tamadogg

    special characters

    I had the coffee guy on a couple of tams that I bred when they were old. Only problem with Oyajitchi is, the hearts go down faster than ANY other type I've had.
  6. tamadogg

    Cool or Un-cool?

    Personally, I think they're cool.
  7. tamadogg

    Are tamagotchis...

    Only people that think they're too geeky are the tamagotchi HATERS!!!
  8. tamadogg

    Am I to old for Tamagotchis?

    I'll be 31 years old in 2 more days, and I still play with them. So no, you're not too old. I don't think it's possible to be too old to play with tamagotchis!
  9. tamadogg


    If they keep making them for another 50 years, I'll STILL buy at least one of every version!
  10. tamadogg

    How Many Are You Collecting?

    Wow. You've got me beat!
  11. tamadogg

    Do you think there should be a V5?

    I think they should, but not a new version every 9 or 10 months. It should be more like every 18 months. They should also make any future versions able to connect with all previous versions, as they have done so far.
  12. tamadogg

    The New Tamagotchi PC Pack

    $60??? That's way too much! The Wal-Marts here in Canton, Ohio sells them for $30!
  13. Just wondering whether the v4.5 will ever be sold without the extra stuff. $30 is a bit out of my range right now, and I am hoping that someday they will be sold by themselves, for $15 like the other versions were.
  14. tamadogg

    How Many Are You Collecting?

    English tams: 2 '97 tams, 2 v1's, 3 v2's, 5 v3's, 2 v4's. Japanese tams: 1 Angelgotchi, 1 Tama Plus, 1 Keitai, 1 Entama. (WP)
  15. tamadogg


    Well, the matchmaker IS old and lonely........